Corona … Israel gives up masks and reopens schools

Went on Sunday die Israelis without masks through die Streets after a year of committing to wearing protective masks against the coronavirus, an important stop in represents the country’s massive vaccination campaign die Defeat epidemic.

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced on Thursday die Abolition of the compulsory wearing of masks outdoors after more than die Half of the population got the vaccine in received one of the fastest vaccination campaigns in the world.

“It’s very strange, but it’s nice,” says die 26 year old Iliana Gamulka after she in Jaffa Street in Jerusalem got off a bus and die Mask has taken off.

“You can no longer pretend you don’t know anyone,” she added with a smile.

The good news came just in time for Gamolka, die works as a project manager two weeks before her wedding.

“It would be nice to celebrate with everyone without a mask,” she says. “The pictures will be wonderful, I feel very comfortable.”

Israel has fully vaccinated about five million people, which is up in reflected the number of injuries die with about 200 daily injuries recorded a significant decrease compared to more than ten thousand in mid-January.

This caused the decline die Authorities, schools, bars and restaurants reopen and events in to allow closed spaces, die not through die Thursday’s decision were covered.

And die The decision of the Israeli Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein was happy die Customers of the popular bars on the “Mahaneh Yehuda” market in Jerusalem, die die Taking off masks to show their smiles.

The employee Esther Maleka does not have on Sunday die get the same enthusiasm, die says she is not ready yet die To give up completely.

“It’s okay, but I’m still scared,” says Malka.

“In the past I had die I think it’s part of my life. We’ll see what happens when everyone gives up, “she said.

“If die If things go well for a few months, I’ll give them up, “said Malka.

Comprehensive vaccination

Israel that only a few months ago die Recorded the highest infection rates worldwide, has counted 836,000 infections and 6,300 deaths since the virus outbreak began in March last year.

Those numbers declined after the Hebrew state signed a deal with American drug giant Pfizer, which agreed to pay a higher-than-market price and provide recipients with one of the most advanced medical data systems available in the USA data about die Communicate the effectiveness of the vaccine die World.

Israel started the corona vaccination campaign on December 19. So far, 53 percent of the 9.3 million people have die required two doses of the Pfizer / Bionic vaccine.

Completed lines

At another important stopover on Sunday, the country’s withdrawal from COVID-19 prevention measures, die Schools with no limit on the number of students in fully reopened to the classes.

During his visit to a secondary school in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Jerusalem die Reopening schools, viewing them as a “holiday” for educational institutions, but warned against complacency.

He emphasized: “We have not yet finished the corona virus because it can return.” He emphasized die Need to get “millions more vaccinations”.

“At some point we need an extra dose of vaccine,” he said.

On the other hand, record die Injuries in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip show a remarkable increase when the vaccination rate is low.

Human rights groups have urged Israel to vaccinate around 4.8 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. However, the Hebrew State believes that this is the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority.

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