Coronavirus crisis exposes another pandemic in Honduras: Analysts

As the variety of COVID-19 cases in Honduras reached a minimum of 67 and the country exposed its first death today, analysts warned of a second pandemic that may worsen the basic public health crisis: “corruption”.

” We have a health system that is very fragile. Unfortunately, it has actually not been a top priority of the governments in the history of our country,” stated Carlos Hernandez, director of Tegucigalpa-based openness NGO Association for a More Simply Society (ASJ). “And then the other aspect is certainly corruption.”


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Honduras has among the weakest healthcare systems in the world and is ill-prepared to deal with an epidemic, according to Johns Hopkins University’s Global Health Security Index.

Honduras’s healthcare system has actually reached the edge of collapse just recently after persistent underfunding from the federal government and a series of corruption scandals that have in fact drained what bit public funds do exist. Health care centers usually do not have medication, bed location and standard products, a circumstance that spells disaster for a growing pandemic.

To make matters worse, any response to the dispersing infection may be a chance to even more pilfer federal government coffers, analysts state.

” History informs us that times of emergency are sadly chances for the corrupt,” stated Hernandez.

Years of corruption, mismanagement

Corruption had actually been gnawing at the Honduran health care system for several years. in 2015, one scandal tipped the scales and drove Hondurans to the streets.

The Honduran Public Ministry, a federal government organization that examines criminal offenses connected with the basic public interest, exposed an intricate network of sham business made use of to embezzle numerous numerous dollars out of the healthcare system.

While the plentiful purchased elegant automobiles and large estates, normal Hondurans did not have enough medication or a neat bed at a medical center. Since, more than 45 people have in fact been implicated of criminal offenses and 10 people have in fact been established guilty in the case.

 Honduras coronavirus < img alt =" Honduras coronavirus" src ="" title =" Personnel of the CardiovascularNational Institute, also described as the Thorax University hospital, strike to presentation vs. the absence of items to combat the COVID -19 coronaviruspandemic,in Tegucigalpa[Orlando Sierra/AFP]" >

(*** )Employee of the Cardiovascular National Institute, likewise called the Thorax University hospital, strike to demonstration versus the lack of products to eliminate the coronaviruspandemic, (**************************************************************************************************************** )Tegucigalpa[Orlando Sierra/AFP]

.(*** )” Corruption in the health care system is a brotherhood- an alliance of bad political leaders, bad business owners and bad employees. They are the ones who have actually looted the health system, ” stated Hernandez.(**** ).

A few of the money wound up moneying thefirst governmentalcampaign of existing President Juan Orlando Hernandez, whose presidency has actually been contaminated by lots of scandals, most just recently the New york city city drug trafficking conviction of his sibling.(**** )(*** )” In the case of Honduras and Central America, corruption is widespread,” specified Adriana Beltran, director of the individual security program for the Washington Office on Latin America( WOLA).” It’s not just about the cases we have actually become aware of recently of top-level political leaders involved in drug trafficking, but likewise how it impacts every day lives and the ability to access sufficient healthcare.”

Other corruption scandalsin the nation’s healthcare market have in fact consisted of mismanagement of funds, phony purchases of medication and stated efforts to privatise the health care market.

In April 2019, Hondurans’ anger with common corruption when again blew up into weeks-long mass mobilisations to object versus 2 decrees to possibly privatise the nation’s health care and education systems.

” We have a healthcare system that collapsed,” specified Suyapa Figueroa, president of the Honduran Medical College whotook partin the marches.”It collapsed in part due to the fact that of corruption. Corruption has actually been and continues to be among the biggest problems in our nation.”

President Hernandezdeclined allegations of efforts to privatise the healthcare and education systems.”The intention has actually always been to reinforce and enhance education and public health which it remains totally free for the Honduran people,” he statedin May(******************************************************* )Still, the president withdrawed the controversial decrees in June.

Figueroa cautions that the federal government might control this public health crisis into another effort to privatise the health caresystem “Our issues are structural,” stated Figueroa. “As long as we don’t alter this extreme truth, the issue is going to continue.”

Corruption hard to recognize in present crisis

On March 11, President Hernandez validated the really first 2 cases of the coronavirus in the country.

” The detection of these two first cases shows that Honduras has actually the installed capacity and we have the necessary products to perform the matching tests for any person presumed of coronavirus,” he specified at a press conference. His administration has in fact continued to ensure Hondurans that they are prepared for what is to come.

Just 2 days later, on March 13, the Honduran Congress licensed an emergency situation prepare for more than $420 m to develop more health care centers and deal with more health care specialists in action to the coronavirus.

Civil society is currently vigilantly watching on these actions for possible corruption, according to Hernandez of ASJ. The status quo in the country may make it more hard to recognize embezzlement or mismanagement.

In January, the federal government chose not to bring back the required of an international anti-corruption body called MACCIH, which with the nation’s attorney general of the United States’s office had in fact been taking a look at Honduran elites, including a former really first female, who was established guilty on corruption charges in 2015.

” That has actually raised a great deal of concern because it has been one method which public funds were embezzled in the past,” stated Beltran of WOLA. “With the quarantine that has actually been ordered, it makes it a lot harder for civil society and the press to do any kind of oversight.”

A couple wear protective face masks to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus as they head to the National Cardiopulmonary Medical Facility, in Tegucigalpa [Orlando Sierra/AFP]

On March17, the Honduran federal government sent its governmental airplane to New york city to purchase biomedical equipment to resolve the coronavirus pandemic, consisting of140 respirator masks and140 ventilator makers.

” Now that it’s a life or death scenario, the experts are the ones who need to lead,” she specified. The Honduran Health Ministry did not react to Al Jazeera’s request for comment by the time of publication.

Offered the history of corruption in Honduras’s health care system, Villanueva and other members of civil society need openness throughout this crisis.

” There are lots of excuses that the corrupt can utilize and that’s what stresses us: the lack of openness in the way that they are managing the general public health circumstance,” Villanueva specified.

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