"Corruption won"Turkey refuses to build a marching factory "Bayraktar" In Ukraine after request "shameless"

Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that Baykar, which makes Bayraktar drones, has abandoned the construction of a drone factory near Kyiv after demanding a $10 million bribe from Ukrainian officials.

The Russian newspaper described the Ukrainian request as a shocking truth and considered it a rude request, and in the report stated that corruption had triumphed in Ukraine.

In an interview with a Ukrainian journalist, CEO of the Turkish military-industrial company Pikar, Haluk Bayraktar, explained the reasons for abandoning the project in Ukraine and stated that officials in Ukraine extorted $10 million from him in exchange for connecting the future plant to the electrical grid.

In addition, Ukrainian officials requested a period of two years to obtain the necessary licenses for the operation of the plant, and when asked by a journalist about the cost of this “service” in Turkey, Haluk Bayraktar answered “zero” and that the necessary documents can be obtained within 2-3 days .

In August 2022, at the height of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the Ukrainian media exploded with news about the intention of the Baikar company to build a plant in Ukraine for the production of offensive marches “Bayraktar” with laser-guided anti-tank missiles. .

Indeed, a Turkish company purchased a plot of land near Kyiv, and the company also planned to use Ukrainian engines in its drones, and the project was not an assembly plant, but rather a full cycle plant, including the production of aircraft structures, electronics and software, but in October last year, the Turkish company refused from the idea of ​​building.

Source: “Komsomolskaya Pravda”