Could There Be a Sequel to the Wildly Funny Cocaine Bear Horror Comedy?

Could There Be a Sequel to “Cocaine Bear”? Director Elizabeth Banks Weighs In

Move over Winnie The Pooh because the second wildest premise for a 2023 movie is most likely Cocaine Bear. This horror comedy, which is actually inspired by real events, surprised everyone with its success. With that in mind, the burning question is: Will there be a sequel? The film’s director, Elizabeth Banks, has an answer.

Elizabeth Banks: From Actress to Director

Elizabeth Banks is widely recognized for her acting career in movies like Slither, The Hunger Games, and Pitch Perfect. However, in recent years, she has also discovered her passion for directing. Her directing credits already include Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) and Charlie’s Angels (2019). Banks’s third directorial work, Cocaine Bear, proved to be an exhilarating experience. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she expressed her love for the film:

“I loved how subversive, crazy, silly, and funny it was. I loved surprising people with the cast. I don’t think anybody was expecting Margot Martindale, who’s 70 years old, to shoot that kid. We had a lot of fun, and if I got the opportunity to surprise the audience and delight myself again, I would take it.”

Ambiguous Endings and Future Projects

Banks thoroughly enjoyed blending comedy and horror in Cocaine Bear and appears open to the idea of continuing the story. The film’s ending left things rather ambiguous, leaving room for the black bear to make a potential comeback. When asked about her next directing project, Banks responded:

“Currently, nothing’s really happening, as we’re all on hold! So, it’s yet to bear out. I do not have a next directing project. I am uncommitted at this time.”

Cocaine Bear: Box Office Success and Critical Reception

Upon its release in February, Cocaine Bear raked in $23 million at the box office and went on to earn $87.6 million worldwide. With a production budget of approximately $30 million, the film can be considered a moderate success for Universal. Critics also gave the movie a generally positive reception, including CinemaBlend’s own Mike Reyes, who awarded it 3.5 out of 5 stars in his Cocaine Bear review, declaring it “ridiculously fun.”

A Drugged-Up Bear Rampages in 1985 Georgia

Cocaine Bear follows the story of an American black bear living in 1985. After encountering a 75-pound shipment of cocaine dropped by drug smuggler Andrew C. Thornton II, the bear indulges in the substance and embarks on a violent killing spree in northeast Georgia. The movie features a star-studded cast, including Keri Russell, Alden Ehrenreich, O’Shea Jackson, Ray Liotta, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The Return of Camp Horror?

Elizabeth Banks’ film hit theaters just a month after Universal’s M3GAN, another successful funny horror flick. These films serve as evidence that camp horror is making a comeback. Could Cocaine Bear 2 keep this trend going? Only time will tell. For now, you can catch the original movie streaming on Amazon Prime with a subscription.

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