Count on – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have never shared their TLC income with their 19 children, says Derick Dillard

Counting On stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar – as well as their 19 children – have been playing on their own TLC reality show for over a decade. And before that, the big conservative family appeared in a series of specials over five years. Starting in 2004, when Jim Bob and Michelle only had 14 children, they first appeared on television in 14 Children & Pregnant Again, and fans can never get enough.

Patriarch and matriarch Duggar completed their family with 19 children when daughter Josie was born in 2009, but that was not the end of the growth of Duggar offspring. In the past decade, eight of the Duggar children have married and raised their own families. At this point it is almost impossible to follow their family tree.

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Throughout all of these years and hundreds of episodes, insiders have claimed that the family earns at least $ 40,000 per episode and maybe more. This means that TLC paid the family millions for 19 Kids & Counting and the Counting On spin-off.

However, earlier this month, Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard told his Instagram followers that no one except Jim Bob and Michelle had ever seen a penny of TLC’s money. .

At first, it may have made sense, since all of their children were minors at the start of the show. But now, Counting On is about Duggar’s married children, Jim Bob and Michelle making rare appearances, but Dillard says they still pocket all the money.

“For a long time, Jill and I had the impression that the family had not made any money from the show, but, on the contrary, it was presented to us as work carried out by a ministry that TLC subsidized periodically in the form [of] reimbursements for things like gas, restaurants, travel, etc. But no actual compensation on top of that, ”wrote Dillard.

Dillard also revealed that no one in the family had ever signed a contract except Jim Bob, and neither he nor Jill had ever been in touch with anyone from TLC.

The network reportedly expelled the law student from the University of Arkansas in late 2017 after he made a homophobic rant on Twitter. He insisted for the past two years that leaving Counting On was his decision and that he hadn’t been fired, and his wife Jill left the series with him.

Dillard told his Instagram followers that since he and his wife left the series, they must have Jim Bob’s permission if they want to visit the family complex. And, they are not allowed in the house when it is not there.

The father of two also revealed that he and Jill will never return to Counting On unless major changes are made.

“No chance of that unless something changes. The conditions in which we were filming led us to the edge of reason and could easily have destroyed our lives if we had continued on this path. We are now trying to pick up the pieces, ”wrote Dillard.


New episodes of Counting On air Tuesday evening on TLC.

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