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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) – Mission Guide Week One

Counter-Strike Global Offensive CS GO Mission Guide Week One

This guide is on the recent CS: GO missions, Activities, and weekly missions. So what are these guides, and how do you complete these missions successfully? Here I will share with you some tips. What tips can I give you?

I will update this mission guide as quickly as possible, so I recommend you watch out for my mission guide. So how about we find out what we are going after?

Week 1: Shark Week

This week, we have six unique missions and ten accessible stars out of 13:

  • Established pecking order: Get ten kills in a progression of various radar areas on Delusion, Deathmatch. (1 star)
  • Blood in the Water: Complete a wide range of errands on Blacksite, Danger Zone. (1 chore: 1 star/3 assignment: 2 stars/5 undertakings: 3 stars)
  • Head: Win 21 adjusts, or dominate one match in a Short Match, Chief. (3 stars)
  • Extraction: Arrangement 300 utility harm, or arrangement 200 utility harm in a solitary game on Extraction, Partner. (2 stars)
  • It’s coming down Sharks: Endure a flying attack on Blacksite, Watchman. (2 stars)
  • Taking care of Craze: Get 30 kills, or get four multi-kill adjusts in a solitary match on Gathering Delta, Relaxed. (2 stars)

Here are the missions:

Food Chain (Mirage Deathmatch)

Order of things: Get ten kills in a progression of various radar areas on Mirage, Deathmatch.

Assuming you want quick stars in the CS: GO Skin, I suggest doing this mission. This mission needs good pointing and situating and essential information on Illusion.

The preliminary test is to get into a game that plays this guide since this guide is in Stop Gathering Delta, so that you can get any guide from that gathering.

Likewise, I suggest doing this mission either in Group versus Group or mirage Deathmatch mode, Because in FFA, it may be truly irritating to explore through the entire guide against 19 different players, yet assuming that you have a great point, you can also offer it a chance in FFA.

You can pick any group to do this test. The areas where you want to kill one individual are the accompanying:

  • Bombsite A
  • CT produces
  • Market/Shop (Kitchen)
  • Catwalk

The least demanding method for doing this is to kick the bucket until you get a decent generate around A site (either Incline, Castle, Wilderness, or CT) and begin your killing binge.

You want to remain in that area, which the mission asks you. At the point when you carried out your thing in one spot, go to the following one, etc.

Assuming you somewhat do this mission and your match closes, you can proceed with it in the following. This is one of the minor demanding missions from this week.

Blood in the Water (Blacksite Danger Zone)

Blood in the Water: Complete a wide range of errands on Blacksite, Danger Zone.
If you want quick stars, I prescribe you do the initial three assignments out of 5 to get two stars from my rundown. This mission needs a touch of karma and essential information on Blacksite.

This one is troublesome because you need a match on Blacksite in Danger Zone, and because of the brief guide time frames, this could be hard to get. I suggest doing this with a companion or with the auto-fill crew.

The errands which you want to do are the accompanying:

  • Obliterate an adversary drone
  • Detonate a barrel
  • Break glass

You can play out the errands in any request for your picking. You can begin with any advantage fitting your personal preference and area.

The first, the least demanding to get, is exploding a barrel. There are many barrels around the guide, and you must find any weapon, either a firearm or skirmish, to detonate it.
The following one is to break the glass. Presently, this is a piece precarious, yet not awful. On the left-mid side of the island, you can view a nursery close to a house, assisting you with doing this mission.

Likewise, around the port region (right-mid side of the island), there are entryways in a specific house with glass. Shot one of these glass parts to finish this mission.

The following one is to obliterate an adversary drone. Unfortunately, you can’t do this mission with the robot control perk, so you want to track down an elective way. What worked for me, I purchased a Robot update from the shop for 1000$ or found one around the island. This will show every one of the robots in the field.


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