Countering the smuggling of 430,000 dirhams of gold jewelry

The Sharjah Airport Police Department in the United Arab Emirates was in able to arrest a passenger in his thirties as he left the country for his homeland, on charges of appropriating someone else’s money with the intention of ownership.

The details of the incident are due to the suspicion of a person of Asian nationality at the baggage checkpoint of Sharjah International Airport and, upon inspection, it was found that he was carrying large quantities of gold items hidden in his luggage. travel, with no invoices or documents proving his ownership, and when asked about the bills, Signs of anxiety and confusion were noted on him, and as a result of the sense of security and the accumulation of experience in the field and inspection between officers and staff of the Sharjah Airport Police Department, specialized personnel opened the passenger’s suitcases, other quantities of gold were found, and investigations revealed that the defendant had found gold in one of the sandy areas of the state, and had seized them, without contacting the security authorities for the delivery of the artifacts, and were referred to the competent authorities.

Lieutenant Colonel Matar Sultan Al Ketbi, Head of the Airport Police Department of the Ports and Airports Police Department, confirmed that the Airport Police Department possesses distinct and professionally trained police elements, with experience and a high sense of security, noting that this seizure reflects the advanced training skills received by the airport police officers and their enthusiasm to give their best performance and overcome various challenges.

Sharjah Police General Command urges all community members to report immediately if private property or artifacts are found and to hand them over to the nearest police station, as Sharjah Police work to improve security in order to obtain quality of life for community members.

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