Counts: Raheem Mostert, Darwin Thomson, Patrick Light, more likely fantasy outbursts, busts, resignations

With Week 14’s resignation wire being overloaded with runs, it only makes sense that our analysis of NFL Week 13 would be full of runs. To find the sliders that can win you playoffs matchups, we have specially segmented five backfields: 49ers, Chiefs, Dolphins, Colts, and Buccaneers. Hopefully, some of our findings will help you identify some sleepers (or busts) and update startup decisions,

Of course, it is worth noting that injuries played a huge role in many of these areas. Raheem Mostert might not have had such a great day if Matt Breida (ankle) were healthy. Damian (ribs) and Darrell Williams (swords) injured in Kansas City certainly helped Darwin Thomson. and Kalen Ballage’s leg injury allowed Patrick Laird to seize the play time. This does not mean that there is nothing to learn, especially as as the season picks up later, injuries can stop and players can even close.

Quarterback | Running back Wide receiver Tight end D / ST | Kicker

Especially in the fantasy playoffs, you can schedule your turn for the next two weeks and know exactly how rocking room you have. If you have an extra point on the bench, it may not hurt to lift Mostert from his 20s in the hope that he will somehow line up for that number in a week or two. If you have already planned your streams, you may not have space, and this is not the end of the world.

On the other hand, these breakouts are more owned by players like Tevin Coleman and LeSean McCoy. Owners of these players will also want to consider, as they decide whether to cut their ties or, at the very least, weigh these veteran options.

Check out the distribution of the 32 teams from Week 13 results here.

49ers Negative Measures: Raheem Mostert vs. Tevin Coleman

It took a lot of time for Kyle Shanahan to finally run back to run this season unbeaten. To add to the surprise in Week 13, Raheem Mostert did the heavy lifting.

The regular Tevin Coleman starter didn’t seem to be hurt, but it was used very little. Mostert carried the ball 20 times, while Coleman saw only five cards. Mostert was on the field for 42 offensive games while Coleman was just 10 (with Jeff Wilson Jr. playing five).

This is a big enough gap to make us think that Mostert’s role will not disappear (though, to be fair, Coleman’s role has simply disappeared after using the original level). The other curve is the impending return of Matt Breida (ankle), who will only add a head to what is already a perennial monster.

If you’re looking for action lessons, you can’t really throw Coleman away, but Mostert should really be added to every league as we see how this shakes out. Another week from that and Mostert will be a fantasy starter to end the season.

WEEK 14 PPR GRADES: Running back Wide receiver Tight end

Leaders: Darwin Thompson vs. LeSean McCoy

Thompson and McCoy were equal on Sunday snapshots, but their snaps were not created equal.

Thompson rushed 11 times, while McCoy received just five mugs in his 24 cards. It’s another check in the Chiefs box that seems to use McCoy in some sort of cargo handling routine under the stretch of the season.

Of course, everything here is complicated by injuries and the flow of games. Damien Williams (nerve) was out for Sunday’s game. As it can be seen, Darrel Williams is injured. To add to that, it was a blow, so maybe Kansas City just decided to let Shady relax on the sideline.

Still, freshman Thompson was a true hypnotist in the preseason before McCoy made the KC backcreek much fuller. Thompson deserves a speculative addition to most leagues if Williams is out of Week 14 and beyond.

Week 14: Resignation Receipts Number of measurements Fantastic SOS playoffs

Dolphin Cash: Patrick Laird a week 14 bedroom

Kalen Ballage went down with a non-contact foot injury on Sunday and looks like the type of object that will make the dolphins sit in a downhill start. That means Patrick Laird gets the next crack at work.

On Sunday he saw 43 exercises in total, far more than 16-year-old leader Myles Gaskin. Laird scored five of six goals for 43 yards and rushed 10 times for five yards. It also adds a touchdown and a two-point conversion. The rush is going to continue to be tough behind the bad dolphin offensive line, but the game he receives should be there in a similar way going forward.

The best part about Laird may be the matchups in all fantasy playoffs. Miami plays both New York teams before facing the Bengals in Week 16.

Do we suggest Laird start in the fantasy title games in Week 16? Not necessarily, but we will cross the bridge when we get there.

Colts Snap Counts: Jordan Wilkins vs. Jonathan Williams

The scary “hot hand” bit the fantasy owners Jonathan Williams’ in the ears Sunday. Although Williams was expected to start and take up a lot of the workload again, it was Jordan Wilkins leading the way with 32 shots, followed by Nyheim Hines at 31, and Williams lifting him back to 16 shots played.

Wilkins did not bring in more tons than Williams (11-8). However, Wilkins’ 4.3 yards on average was well above 1.8 Williams. Wilkins also scored two of three goals, while Williams caught the only pass on his way. To add insult to injury, Hines ran for a touchdown on his second back-to-back goal-to-go carry.

It is difficult to know what to do about this future. Marlon Mack (hand) could soon return from injury, but even if he doesn’t, he’ll still be a committee. If Williams was a valuable resignation jewelry for you, it might be worth continuing for another week to see if things turn around. Wilkins may take over, but again, it is not clear if his role will continue. Hines can also have a PPR value, though it is limited by the number of targets they eat.

And above all, Indianapolis faces Tampa Bay’s dominant defense at Week 14 and New Orlean’s top defense at Week 15. You might be better off.

Buccaneers Snap Counts: Peyton Barber vs. Ronald Jones

The back of the Buccaneers has made it back to the subject of “snap counts” because it is still a headache. Barber took over the role Jones had assumed, running 17 times and getting two speeds, while Jones carried the rock just six times a week 13.

The scraps weren’t that far off, with Barber playing 30 compared to Jones’ 21 total. Dare Ogunbowale mixes there, as always, at 23rd Jones turning his six to eight meters probably didn’t help the cause, but this is truly one of the most unpredictable situations in football.

There is no reason or reason. Some weeks, it’s Jones around the finish line, and others, like Week 13, are Barber’s. Jones showed a huge game he received two weeks ago, but generally the passes go to Ogunbowale. We wish there was a good reason, but it probably didn’t.

We will continue to take the position that Jones is the most talented here. It’s not worth hurrying to get Barber if it doesn’t belong. In fact, you will probably keep your temper more if you simply avoid playing these types completely.

For speed measurement reactions for each group, Click here.

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