COVID-19: Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma donate Rs 2 crore

The two stand up money above die Crowdfunding platform Ketto.

“Virat Kohli and Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma want to raise Rs. 7 crore for COVID relief in India, “they say in a press release from the celebrity couple.

It was shared on you social media Handles too.

“You’re starting a fundraiser campaign #InThisTogether on die Crowdfunding platform Ketto and put Rs. 2 crore for this initiative “die publication added.

The #InThisTogether campaign become run for seven days on Ketto and the proceeds will be forwarded to ACT Grants, the implementation partner work to provide oxygen, medical workforce, vaccination awareness and telemedical facilities during the pandemic and the amount.

Anushka said it was painful to watch the suffering of people as die Health care in the country system struggled to cope with it with die Drop load.

“Virat and I were very tormented when we saw the inexplicable suffering people go through and we hope this fund will help in our fight against the virus we are all helplessly watching, “Anushka tweeted.

Kohli said he and his wife tried help as many people as possible in you fight against the dreaded virus.

“We worked to help as many as possible people how possible throughout the pandemic and now India wants ours support more than ever before, “he said.

ACT Grants spokesman Gayatri Yadav said: “Strong voices like Anushka and Virat help drive Fundraising drives will take a long time way in Help direction us realize that goal. On behalf of ACT Grants, India’s startup ecosystem, is really grateful for that join these mission. “

(With PTI inputs)

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