COVID from Uman: 152 infected passengers identified, in police custody

Serious measures, including: full criminal procedure could be taken against individuals who return to the country from Uman with a fake coronavirus test certificate, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said late Thursday night after reports that dozens of of people who were positive for the virus entered Israel from Ukraine.

“The Israeli” government takes the submission seriously of people in Israel with forged documents who could deliberately spread the disease,” said the prime minister said in shared a statement via to be office. “This is an irresponsible act” of cause damage to public peace and we will continue to take tough measures against offenders of the law.”

According to the Population and Immigration Service already about 152 returning travelers tested positive for the virus on inside and were taken to the police station.

The coronavirus appears to have spread rapidly among 25,000 Israelis who traveled to Uman for Rosh Hashanah to celebrate the holiday at the grave of the founder of the Hasidic Breslov group. about 14.3% of 2,000 returning pilgrims from uman who were screened by Magen David Adom tested positive for COVID-19, the organization told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Israeli Police Delegation to Uman, Ukraine for Rosh Hashanah and High Holidays, September 2021 (credit: POLICE SPEAKER UNIT)

The Population Authority said on Thursday that die who had tested positive for the coronavirus was infected in Ukraine, and added that it had received information showing that several dozen infected pilgrims have allegedly boarded flights to Israel with fraudulent documentation.

MDA sent a team of more than a hundred medics and paramedics to Uman on request of the Prime Minister’s Office, Health and Foreign Affairs ministries, and had worked in cooperation with the Ukrainian Red Cross and the Israeli Embassy since Wednesday night, immediately after the end of Rosh Hashanah. Travelers who underwent a quick test were intended to be provided with a certificate from MDA die they would bring with them on their return flight, the organization said.

However, Thursday evening it became clear that many were traveling without proper testing and documentation.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that all infected people who Fraudulently entered Israel would be subpoenaed for interrogation by the Israeli police, and that a full criminal proceedings would be opened against the offenders in which would investigate all relevant allegations: fraud, forgery and intentional dissemination of disease.

When a verified person has arrived at the airport with false documentation, the person would be evacuated to his home in an ambulance of something else official vehicle at your own expense and then? required being isolated for 10 days under police surveillance, the PMO said. If the person cannot isolate themselves home, then he would go to a staterun corona hotel.

Health Ministry Director General Nachman Ash told the Post it is too early to decide of whether or not the Uman outline is followed for safe travel went well this year.

“We hear that there is no small number of infected people, the ones die tested positive over there, and we expect more people to be diagnosed here as well,” Ash said.

He said the real test is of everybody who is required enter isolation will be in isolation and, “of Class, anyone who test positive, must stay in quarantine. This is our test today, tomorrow and in the next few days.”

The director-general called on everybody die returns from Ukraine to follow the guidelines.

“We will do everything we can to rules, but people also need adhere to the rules himself,” he said.

Coronavirus Commissioner Prof. dr. Salman Zarka traveled to Uman earlier this week to confirm that the agreed schedule was followed. In a video die was shared from the ground up, Zarka was asked why he went to the site. He replied: “I will go to every place in die there are Israelis to protect their health.”

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