COVID: Tourist groups allowedin Israel in 2 weeks, no isolation

foreign groups of vaccinated tourists from selected countries is admitted to Israel again from September 19th in the framework of An special pilot program, said the Ministry of Tourism The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

to qualify, will the tourists need deliver proof of An second received vaccination recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health within the last six months of of a third vaccination.

When they land, visitors required do a serological test test until prove the presence of antibodies in their blood.

COVID: Tourist groups allowedin Israel in 2 weeks, no isolation Ultra Orthodox Jewish men make there way to Uman for the jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah at the ben gurion international airport near Tel Aviv on September 1, 2021. (credit: YOSSI ZELIGER/FLASH90)

Only tourists come out countries classified as “yellow” of “orange” from the Ministry of Health can be part of the groups. Currently these include all nations in the world except for for Brazil, Bulgaria, Mexico and Turkey, die are classified as “red”.

The ministry said that travel agencies and tour operators can make requests for groups of five to thirty tourists, as for the program was temporarily discontinued due to increased morbidity in Israel and surroundings world like a result of the coronavirus Delta variant.

The program does not limit the total number of foreign tourist groups are allowed to enter the country.

The ministry said it expects applications start arrives later this week, after Rosh Hashana.

Israeli borders are closed to foreigners for An year and a half, with very limited exceptions.

As the pandemic eased in spring the country reopened its skies to a limited number of vaccinated tourist groups, in the begin of June, and willing to do the same for individuals in July. However, after the coronavirus cases began to climb again, the plan was postponed until it begin of July before it was set on hold indefinitely.

In the begin of August, when the Ministry of Health introduced a mandatory quarantine of seven days for inbound travelers from almost all countries in the world – including the US, Canada and the vast majority of Europe – group to travel also held up.

Israel currently does not recognize foreign vaccination of recovery documentation. non-citizens who want to enter the country their certificates must be shown in to receive the special permission required to enter, but once in Israel, if they want to be considered immunized, need undergo private serological test until prove the presence of antibodies in their blood.

Rapid serological tests are currently offered at Ben-Gurion airport arrival, together with PCR tests, die be obliged to for all incoming passengers. The test provides in results in 20 minutes and costs NIS 127.

On Friday Birthright Israel announced it will resume travel from in October. The organization sponsors short-term educational trips for Jewish youth from everywhere over the world.

According to new regulations die came in effect Friday, individuals who received their third injection at least a week before, their second shot of found within the last six months, of have received one dose of the vaccine after recovery, are considered protected and will only need isolate until they have the results of a PCR test taken over arrival, of An maximum of 24 hoursunless they come from a red country.

Several Health Ministry officials have made it clear to the Post that this does not apply to individuals die in have been vaccinated abroad of recovered, even if she had a serological test and receive Israeli documentation. These include thousands of first-degree relatives of burgers who were allowed to visit their loved ones.

The official Ministry of Health guidelines do not specify that: people need get vaccinated in Israel is exempt from quarantine, but they do demand that the recovery certificate are issued on the basis of on a PCR test. This seems to exclude visitors whose certificates were issued after a serological test test.

However, Coronavirus Commissioner Prof Salman Zarka said: in an interview with the message that the policy going to change to after the holidays allow individuals who meet the new criteria, but are in vaccinated abroad to be exempt from quarantine.

Maayan Hoffman contributed to this report.

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