COVID: untested, untested teachers won’t be able to work from October 3rd

teachers in Israel who have not been vaccinated, of have recovered and refuse to be tested, not in be able to work from October 3, the Ministry of Education announced on Thursday.

Besides that it is not allowed on school buildings, they also wonnit in be able to learn long tedistance and receive no wages.

earlier in On the day, Health Ministry Director General Prof. Nachman Ash said that unvaccinated individuals are: squeeze the Israeli hospital system.

About the past Israel has to contend for a few days met a shortage of ECMO machines – special fans in stands of replacing the work of both the lungs and the heart of An patient – mainly due to the lack of enough personnel to serve them.

“The shortage is mainly due to the lack of of medical personnel, especially in intensive care unit,” Ash told Israeli news website ynet. “We still find a place for everyone but as the numbers go up, we will hard have to make decisions.

“Severe morbidity is nowadays mainly found among the unvaccinated; they tax the hospitals,” he says added.

COVID: untested, untested teachers won’t be able to work from October 3rd Health Minister Director-General Nachman Ash attends a press conference over the coronavirus, in Jerusalem on August 29, 2021. (credit: OLIVIER FITOUSSI/FLASH90)

if of On Thursday morning, Israel had 723 serious patients, a number of comparable met Which of previous days, with 253 of they considered in critical state and almost 200 on fans.

According to reports in Israeli media, there are about 50 ECMO machines in the country, currently on capacity with over half of they are used by corona patients.

While over six million people have at least one shot and have about 3.12 million already got a booster, there are still about 900,000 people in eligible for a vaccine who have chosen not to take it.

Some 5,921 new cases were identified on Wednesday, with 5.6% of the 113,000 people screened met a positive result result.

The number of daily cases is highly varied in the past two weeks because of the effect of the holiday, with the number of tests carried out ranging between 55,000 and 185,000. The result was as little as 3,000 to over 10,000 virus carriers identified in a single day.

“We need consider limiting meetings: the cabinet must sit down and discuss this,” Ash said. “I would cut off large gatherings, including in football fields so that there wouldn’t be more than 400 people indoor and 500 people outdoors.”

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