Cowboys’ Jason Garrett explains Amari Cooper’s pull ahead of the changing game against the Eagles

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has opted not to have Amari Cooper or Randall Cobb on the field with a playoff spot on the line Sunday against the Eagles.

Facing a must-have fourth-and-8 with 1:21 remaining and Dallas down 17-9, quarterback Dak Prescott fell behind and swept the field without two of his best shooting options in the lineup. The QB tried to find Michael Gallup, but Gallup couldn’t get close coverage. The incomplete bulletin allowed Philadelphia to lose the clock and win the game.

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After the game, Cooper (1,097 chips received this season) said he did not leave the pitch due to an injury. Instead, he said, he had turned to the Cowboys coaches as part of a scheduled exchange.

Amari Cooper says he was pulled by the coaches before the fourth.

– David Helman (@HelmanDC) December 23, 2019

Garrett pointed to fatigue when pressed on what went into his staff’s controversial decision.

Why weren’t Amari Cooper & Randall Cobb on the court for the Cowboys’ fourth chance to tie the game? Jason Garrett said both players are on the floor for a lot of games in 2 minutes and have rested. Cooper said it was part of normal rotation.

– David Moore (@DavidMooreDMN) December 23, 2019

Jason Garrett just said that Amari Cooper was not injured in the game. He tried to blame the fatigue but the media reminded him that Amari was out for many games.

I’m absolutely flooring @ 1053thefan.

– Shan Shariff (@ 1053SS) December 23, 2019

However, there seems to be some internal controversy over this explanation.

A #Cowboys source disputes WR concept Amari Cooper was benched. Instead, they wanted to give Tavon Austin a shot at DBs, because the Eagles had a hard time w younger kids fast. They were in a hurry, so they had to wait to put Cooper back. “Swap Swap, Not Bench”.

– Jane Slater (@SlaterNFL) December 23, 2019

Cooper completed the contest with four catches for 24 yards.

The Cowboys now need a win next week against the Redskins and an Eagles loss to the Giants in order to reach the postseason.

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