Crazy conspiracy theories … Internet “death” allegations for years!

From time to time in so there is a new conspiracy theory that states, for example, that the Earth is flat or that vaccines can transform a human being in a monkey after a while, and other provocative or interesting ideas. Among the examples of conspiracy theories that have spread recently is the “dead internet theory”, as published by Futurism, citing the American newspaper The Atlantic.

“Dead Internet”

This theory states that the Internet as we know it in reality died between 2016 and 2017, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the internet is gone, but rather that most of the “people” we see doing things online how to post content, post updates and comments on social media they are in the robots of reality.

virtual world robot

One of the post most popular explaining the theory comes from the forum online of Agora Road Macintosh’s Café. In January 2021, a user named Illuminati Pirate posted a post on the website titled “The Theory of the Dead Internet “: most of the characters in the virtual world are fake. On the subject, he touched on the amount of interaction and dissemination of content on the Internet through artificial intelligence and robots that fill the virtual world.

Crazy conspiracy theories … Internet “death” allegations for years!


The culprit and the doll

“I have seen that the same threads, the same photos, the same comments and replies are reposted over and over again over the years in significantly, “Illuminati Pirate said.

He pointed out that, behind the death of the internet, there are companies working alongside the US government to promote and advertise with the aim of forcing real users to purchase products, explaining, in his view, that in the end of the road there must be mysterious entities that control and move the threads that control the dolls.

Good accusation and plot

The Illuminati pirate continued to accuse the US government of being involved in the “use of artificial intelligence”. [لمخاطبة] All the inhabitants of the world. “As with any good conspiracy theory [الحبكة]Some elements of truth are inserted in the lines and to give credibility to the theory. For example, it cannot be denied that the Internet today is completely different from what it was just a few years ago.

Mysterious and scary tunnel

As algorithms become more sophisticated, the world online it becomes more coordinated and aggregated by the whims of a handful of companies (if the insights of the Illuminati pirates are true). What the world sees onlinetherefore, it is often the result of the activities of artificial intelligence programs and algorithms aimed at taking users further and further away from “organic” experiences, along a mysterious and frightening tunnel.

human content

The Atlantic report concludes that one point that could encourage internet users to move forward is the fact that much of the content they consume online, from some tweets, post and clip of TikTok, is so far of human origin.

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