Crazy (Remontada) takes Real Madrid to the Champions League final with three in Manchester City

Madrid: The madwoman (Remontada) led Real Madrid to qualify for the Champions League final for the seventeenth time in its history, after overturning the 0/1 delay against its host, Manchester City, with an exciting victory for 3/1, today, Wednesday, at the return of the group The semifinals of the continental competition. The first leg, which took place in England last week ended with a 3/4 victory for Manchester City, so much so that Real Madrid won the nominations card for the final match, having won 6/5 over the opponent in the total of the two games. After a first half that saw a relative advantage from Manchester City, which lost more than one opportunity thanks to the genius of the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid goalkeeper, the second half was full of excitement and fun that will remain minds of followers for long periods. Algerian star Riyad Mahrez scored for Manchester City in the 73rd minute, putting the English side on the verge of climbing to the second consecutive final in their history in Champions League, especially with the request of Real to score at least two goals during the remainder of the match, in order to push the game into extra time. Indeed, Real Madrid got mad (Remontada) in the last moments of the second half, after his Brazilian star (alternative) Rodrigo took over the league role, after scoring two goals for the royal team in the first and third. minute of the calculated time instead of the lost time, so much so that the two teams played half an hour in more, equally divided in two times. Real continued their revolt during extra time after the veteran star Frenchman Karim Benzema scored the third goal in the 95th minute from a penalty kick, consolidating his lead in the tournament’s top scorer in this season with 15 goals, leading the Spanish team to the final of the tournament, which holds the record by number of victories, it counts 13 titles. (Dpa)