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Now that Canva offers an educational version that offers all professional functions for teachers and students for free, there are a lot of fun things that students and teachers can do. An example of this is the design and publication of multimedia collages. Along with images, text and hyperlinks you can add video and audio files to any of the designs that you create or change in Canva. It is clear that the video and audio will only be played if you publish your design online. Fortunately Canva offers a number of ways to publish your collages online. Those options are to publish the collage as a simple stand-alone web page or to embed it in an existing web page.

In the following video I show how to create and publish multimedia collages in Canva.

[Embed] [/ embed]

Applications for education

Creating a multimedia collage in Canva can be a good way for students to put together simple one-page digital pages to show examples of their work. summarizes important points in a time period or in the life of a person.

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