Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a team!

As the weeks, days and hours go by, news, rumors and speculations follow one another on the fate of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has repeatedly hinted at his desire to leave Manchester United before an entire season when his contract expires. especially after the team failed to secure its participation in next season’s Champions League, in one moment in which Dutch coach Eric announced to Ten Hag that the Portuguese champion is not in sale, referring to its membership in the player in one moment in which the team has not yet been able to guarantee new players at the level of its aspirations, e in a moment various sources speak of his transfer in Bayern, Al-Biagi, Atletico Madrid or even Chelsea, and perhaps the return in first team, Sporting Lisbon, excluded from those close to the player who expects a surprise, and it is difficult to predict it from the followers of the player who returned to the event, as he did at the end of last season when Juve left. Media rumors spoke a few days ago of the request by the German administration of coach Eric Ten Hag to plan the future of the team without Ronaldo, after hearing that his manager company was pushing to terminate the contract and relocate in another destination that would have allowed him to participate in the Champions League after having experienced his worst season of his professional career, where he failed to obtain any unusual titles, despite scoring 24 goals in 38 games and took third place in the league’s top scorers with 18 goals. another goal that would allow him to continue at high levels and compete for individual and collective titles, as he did with Real and Juve. The news of Ronaldo’s transfer to Bayern was widely spread by the media international, especially with the insistence of the Polish Robert Lewandowski to leave for Barca, before the new CEO of the clubOliver Kahn, came out to announce that he did not fit into the Bayern Philosophy despite his great appreciation for the player, and despite the support, welcome and support he has shown. Bayern legend Luther Matthews, who is the same what i media talked about the refusal of German Thomas Tuchel to take him to Chelsea, and the Al-Biaji administration refused to transfer him to the Parisian team in the presence of Messi, Mbappé and Neymar, transforming Ronaldo in an unwanted player in the greats club, including Barcelona, ​​whose agent Jorge Mendes had offered him, according to Catalan press reports, before signing Robert Lewandowski. All expectations indicate that Ronaldo is having a hard time finding a suitable team like in past, especially since his estimated salary of 27 million euros a year is a major obstacle for the big boys clubunless Atletico Madrid make a surprise and join him in a deal that constitutes a surprise summer market, which will end on the first of September next, or before Mourinho annexed it to Rome, which gives the player a margin of time to find an agreement with the German administration, which, on his side, he reached the conviction of the need to respond to Ronaldo’s desire, despite his failure to recruit illustrious players so far and his need for a striker. So much Ronaldo, who became undesirable at the end of his career, despite the level he showed last season with a team that was very unhappy. Whatever the speculations and expectations, Ronaldo will not be Manchester United next season, and he will not deviate from the rule that followed him in his football career, in which has not had an exit worthy of its position by club in which he has played since his move from Germany to Real Madrid in 2009, and from Real to Juve in 2018, then from Juve to Manchester United last summer, where he started every time without an official farewell in a phenomenon that accompanied the champion who continues to make the event in all cases and with all club. Algerian journalist