Criticism of the Turkish government on the import of medicines… warns a deputy

with registration The Turkish lira records low levels in its value Against foreign currencies this week, the medical and pharmaceutical sectors in Turkey was hit hard by the drop in its currency after its exchange rate exceeded 11 pounds against the US dollar.

A source from the Turkish doctors ‘and pharmacists’ unions announced in Al the loss of hundreds of types of drugs that Turkey imports from abroad and of those it produces in homeland after importing its materials prime.

A Turkish MP and former head of the Diyarbakir Medical Syndicate said: “The Turkish government, through the Ministry of Health, sets a specific price each year to exchange the Turkish lira for the US dollar and the euro when importing medicines. “


Necdet Ipek-Yuz explained to Al the issue stating that “the Ministry of Health fixes the dollar exchange rate once a year in February, and for example, quest’year, the price of one dollar is around 9 pounds for imported drugs, but the actual dollar price exceeds 11 pounds.

He added: “This mechanism has forced many pharmaceutical companies to stop importing, as they buy medicines in based on the dollar exchange rate in global markets, which means they pay more than 11 Turkish lira per dollar when they buy medicines from abroad, but when they sell and distribute within Turkey, the government forces them to. ” set prices according to the price set by the Ministry of Health for the dollar, which is about 9 lire, and therefore these companies lose instead of making profits.

Many doctors and I am one of them feel confused when writing a prescription, as we cannot prescribe drugs that we believe are necessary for the patients we treat, because we know they are not available. in pharmacy and this threatens the health of patients

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Ipek Yuz, a deputy from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, revealed that “The Ministry of Health has not set a new price for the drug dollar, and probably will not do so before its annual meeting, which it holds annually in February. A solution to this crisis before it escalates further “.

He continued: “Many doctors, myself included, are confused when they write a prescription. We cannot prescribe drugs that we believe are necessary for the patients we treat, because we know they are not available. in pharmacy and this threatens the health of patients. . “

The deputy and the doctor also warned of the need to find a solution to the problem of drug availability before agreeing further. He also stated that “poverty can lead to disease in visit, as it could force a large number of people to work in unsuitable conditions, which threaten their health “.

He added: “The health ministry should hold regular meetings to determine the prices of medicines and how to import them, instead of meeting once a year, especially as drugs for some chronic diseases are starting to get lost in pharmacies.”

According to the Turkish Pharmacists Union, drug importers and pharmacies have problems securing around 645 types of drugs.

The union has criticized the Turkish government and called for effective measures to be taken to limit the worsening of the problem of the safety of pharmaceutical products.

Ankara has not updated the mechanism for importing and distributing drugs through pharmacy representatives for about 14 years.

Additionally, the pricing mechanism for drugs hasn’t changed since 2007, according to a statement from the Pharmacists’ Union earlier this week.

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