Croatian police try to identify mysterious woman found on dangerous rock | Croatia

Croatian police released a photo of a woman who they say they speak “perfect english” but they can’t tell them who she is of how she has become found on a jagged spur of stone off the island of krk.

The news website 24Sata said: the woman, who seems to be in she is 60 and has cuts and bruises face and body, used to be first spotted by a fisherman at 10am on sitting on sunday on a rock in a bay near the village of soline, in the north of the island.

Worried his boat might run to the ground when he tried to save her himself, the fisherman warned the police, who an emergency rescue sent team in two 4x4s. They had to vehicles and walk more than 3 km to get to her.

Local officials told the website that the woman, who is 5ft 4in with shoulder length brown hair and wax wearing a pink sun hat, striped top and dark pants, had no documents of telephone with which she could be identified.

She turned out to have spent several nights outside in the area, die visited by bears and wild boars, officials said, and she was so weak she couldn’t in was able to drink water without assistance. She is being treated in Hopital in Rijeka on the Croatian mainland.

A local resident told the website: “It’s very strange that she was in the area not at all. It is an extremely inaccessible part of the Bay, with terribly sharp rocks, literally like razors die cut the rubber on the soles of your shoes.”

The resident said there is “no life of animals” were in the area “except maybe wild boars of bears, die know how to swim here in Search of food”. However, they said this was rare, “because there is no food, nothing”.

A normal person “certainly couldn’t swim that” distance, it needs exceptional strength,” said the resident.

A resident of Soline said the woman hadn’t stayed in the village because she would have been recognized, while another suggested she might have been “lost while” out walking, fell, hurt herself and lost her memory by a blow to the head”.

The website said police searched the register of missing persons and toured hotels, apartment complexes, campsites and others holiday facilities in the proximity with the picture of the woman in hoping someone would recognize her.

Especially Krk, a popular tourist destination with holidaymakers from southern Germany, Austria, Italy and Hungary, is one of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with a permanent population of almost 20,000 people.

Despite going through a bridge met the mainland are connected, are large parts of the island away from being main towns and villages remain remote and sparsely populated, with areas of inhospitable terrain.

24Sata said the matter was like that of Andreas Grassl, commonly known as piano man, a Bavarian who in 2005 was found on a beach in Kent and spent five months in hospital is being treated for a psychological breakdown die had caused him to lose his memory.

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