CrossfireX Shuts Down on May 18

Smilegate has announced that its year-old Xbox multiplayer shooter CrossfireX will shut down on May 18. This will also affect the single-player campaign, which was made by Remedy.

CrossfireX, the console version of Smilegate’s hugely popular PC shooter Crossfire, came out last February for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It combines the PC original’s multiplayer mode with a new single-player campaign made just for consoles.

A little more than a year after that rocky start, Smilegate has said that it will soon stop supporting the game. It said on its website, “It is with the deepest regret that we must tell you that we will stop supporting CrossfireX on May 18, 2023.” “Since the game came out, we’ve worked hard to make it something we can all be proud of, and we’ve had the honor and pleasure of helping our players the whole time.”

“It wasn’t easy to make this choice,” it said next. “However, we are proud to say that our players have been incredibly active, passionate, and enthusiastic in helping us make a game that everyone will enjoy. We want to thank every one of our players for playing CrossfireX and being a part of this journey with us.”


CrossfireX will still be playable until the servers shut down on May 18. However, Smilegate says that no more content will be added and that the Xbox Store will stop selling the game immediately. Also, players who bought things in the game in the last 14 days may be able to get their money back.

According to a FAQ with today’s announcement, CrossfireX’s single-player campaign, made by Remedy, will also be cut. Buyers will only be able to play the game until May 18. The news from today sheds new light on the campaign leaving Game Pass this month, which was just announced.

Smilegate said, “We hope you’ll be able to enjoy CrossfireX until the service ends, and we’ll always be thankful for your support.”

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