Crown Prince Camel Festival 3: i record are falling … and 10.9 million prizes on the last day

On its final day tomorrow, the Crown Prince Camel Festival will see the participation of 93 horses for the “tricks – zamool” category in the four round, with prizes worth 10.9 million riyals.

The current edition of the festival saw the participation of 14,856 camels, 7873 camels in the preliminary phase and 6713 camels in the final phase, where he participated in the second version, 13,377 mounts and 11,186 mounts in the first version.

The value of the prizes for the first half of the last day is “Zamoul” open code, 2.2 million riyals, where the first place gets one million, the second 600 thousand, the third 300 thousand, the fourth 200 thousand and the fifth 100 thousand, and the value of the prizes for the second semester is “Zamoul”. Symbol year, 2.2 million riyals, the first place gets one million riyals, the second 600 thousand riyals, the third 300 thousand riyals, the fourth 200 thousand riyal and the fifth 100 thousand.

In the third round, dedicated to the category of “tricks” it is an open symbol, the total prizes are 3.250 million riyals, the first is 1.5 million, the second is 800 thousand, the third is 500 thousand, the fourth is 300 thousand , and the fifth is 150 thousand.

The festival ends with the fourth round of “tricks” in the year of Ramz, with prizes worth 3,250 million riyals, the first 1.5 million, the second 800 thousand, the third 500 thousand, the fourth 300 thousand and the fifth 150 thousand.

This; The third edition of the Crown Prince Camel Festival saw the decline of the record registered in the prime two editions in 2018 and the second in 2019, starting with the number of participating camels.

The edition in corso also saw the camel market transactions on the sidelines of the festival that broke the 100 million riyal barrier, as the value of camel transfer transactions in the first and second editions did not exceed 80 million riyals.

Four races in the current version broke the times recorded in the last two versions by recording the fastest time, as the “Wahiz” race for its owner, HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef, recorded a time of 2: 48.634 minutes in the category “Al-Haqiq”, the mountain “Kafa”. Owned by Suleiman bin Abdullah bin Sulayem, a time of 5: 51.127 minutes in the category “Al-Laqia”, the “scary” mountain for its owner Amer bin Rashid Al-Marri, a time of 7: 39.899 minutes in the category ” Al-Jaz’a “, and finally the mountain” Al-Daayen “for its owner Al-Shahaniya Camel, recorded a time of 9: 21.757 minutes in the” Duals “category.

The current version also won the competition of more than three owners for the Sword award for the first time of the Crown Prince, as the 50-point barrier was first broken due to the entry of new owners into the current version.

And the current version, the first in which a businesswoman among the owners participates, has become Amal bint Misfir Al-Faran, the first woman and owner of camels to participate in the Crown Prince’s Camel Festival.

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