Crusader Kings 3 sets the schemes behind its new scheme

Crusader Kings 3 is coming next year and before Paradox Interactive leaves for the holidays, the developers have released this update to find out what they’re doing with the great strategy game. In particular, how CK3 enables your intrigues related to intrigues related to intrigues related to intrigues related to murder and other locks.

I like the way Petter Vilberg giggles when he says, “Once the target knows there is a plan against them, they will take all possible measures to protect their lives.” That means recruiting loyal agents and having a Varys-level spy who does the plot for you.

For those who are lovers and not fighters, there will be seduction programs that should be self-explanatory. All in all, what you do in Crusader Kings 3 will follow you. Content designer Ewan Cowhig Croft explains that a character creates a secret when he “does something he shouldn’t do”. This is a vulnerability that can be exploited against them, either as a revelation or as blackmail – a “catch” that causes someone to ignore or even support goals that they otherwise oppose. Spy masters are the unit whose job is to exterminate them to your advantage.

With regard to city councils (which were explained in more detail earlier this month), they are getting some new activities. My favorite activity is that of the marshals, who crack skulls at the county level and are supposed to line up the farmers. If that doesn’t work, the pastor can use a new, deliberate “fabricate claim” action to pull some shit against the wards. It was a coincidence in previous Crusader kings. Bishops, an outstanding court chaplain, can act as powerful allies and also as enormously problematic opponents. Fortunately, Paradox Interactive has some suggestions on how to beat the bishop.

Overall, this is a very mustache-swirling, giggling look at what Paradox is planning for its dedicated community.

Crusader Kings 3 was announced at PDXCon in October and will be released on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC sometime next year. Paradox Interactive promises “stranger than fiction stories” that “jump off the screen when characters plot against you” as soon as they arrive.

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