Cruz Brothers– Combat School Edition: Where Boxing Meets Fantasy on Xbox One

Today, we enjoy to reveal that Cruz Brothers is pertaining to Xbox One! The entire team from DCF Studios is delighted to bring the game to Xbox in its finest shape and kind with Cruz Brothers– Combat School Edition

Cruz Brothers’ principle was born around 2015, grounded.
in the boxing world. Based on the life story of a terrific boxing coach from.
Brazil, Marcus Luz, who assisted prepare fantastic names from the combating world such.
as José Aldo and lots of others. His main fighters are 2 young brothers that.
got in the combating world through Marcus’ mentor. Felipe Cruz, the older.
bro and owner of lots of Mixed Martial Arts titles from his division in Brazil (and aformer
ACB fighter), and Igor Cruz, the youngest national boxing champ.

We equated their life story into an imaginary drama.
component that drives the story mode. The battle mechanics are likewise based in their.
boxing and Mixed Martial Arts combating strategies. As our goal was never ever to produce a.
boxing simulator, classic timeless relocations arcade game Combating****************************************************************) are in there too.
With the particular function: to have an incredibly enjoyable combatinggame


We utilized to state that Cruz Brothers combined fantasy with.
reality, which staystrue We got much deeper into the fantasy world and.
immersed the game’s context into something much wider. Players can find out.
more about this imaginary universe opening the DCFU (DCF Studios Gaming.
Universe)cards Information about this option reality when totally opened.
will emerge.

For that reason, what began based on a boxing match ended up being a.
part of an entire brand-new reality, produced from our team’s most innovative minds. And.
we could not be better to launch this for Xbox One players from around the.

Cruz Brothers


Get it now.
Hey there fighters from around the globe!

Are you prepared for some adrenaline-pumping combating action? A tale of blood, sweat and tears is prepared to unfold prior to you– Cruz Brothers, the significant fast- paced hand-drawn Battling Game most recent version is here!
The freshly executed mechanics made the combating system an entire brand-new difficulty!

Camps Edition Consisted Of.
In Cruz Brothers, all UPDATES from year one, are consisted of in the game’s full cost.
Our crucial Upgrades will be referred as “Training Camps”, each with it’s own style and function. Some CAMPS will upgrade the game’s performance, others the mechanics. Naturally, there will be CAMPS that will add an entire brand-new additional material!

Below you can find out more about them.
Launched Camps.
COMBAT SCHOOL CAMP 2– Improvements in the Battle Mechanics.
COMBAT SCHOOL CAMP 1– Improvements in the Battle Mechanics.

Upcoming Camps[Included in the game`s full price]
CONNECTION CAMP– The On-line Gameplay.
NOVICE CAMP 1– A brand-new Team of fighters.
FANCY CAMP– The release of a huge plan of adjustable products to all fighters.
COMBAT SCHOOL CAMP 3– The last enhancements and changes for many years one’s Battle Mechanics.

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