Cryptocurrencies shine . $ 50 billion in earnings in 24 hours

For the second consecutive session, the color green dominated the cryptocurrency platforms that managed to make good gains in the past 24 hours led by the bitcoinwhich continued to climb to a new high of $ 45,000.

The market was in able to circumvent the shock of the Russian military operation carried out by Russia in Ukraine and caused a major shock to the market during the first days of the Russian bombing, which resulted in the total market value losing over $ 300 billion within 72 hours of the Russian attack.

According to the CoinMarketCap platform, the combined market value of digital currencies has increased by 2.6% in the past 24 hours, earning around $ 50.1 billion, after plunging from the $ 1903.8 billion trading level on Tuesday to level of $ 1954.1 billion in trading on Wednesday morning.

While “Bitcoin” recorded a 2.2% increase in the past few hours, it achieved a weekly gain of 16.5% to be traded in the trading today at the $ 44,265 level.

Its total market value also increased by 2.57%, winning around $ 21.1 billion, after its combined value jumped from $ 819.9 billion to around $ 841 billion.

The currency “Ether” has posted gains in the last few hours of 2.6%, compared to a weekly increase of 13.4%, to reach its price in the trading today at the $ 2999 level. Its combined market value also increased by 3.2%, winning around $ 11.3 billion, after the total market value went from $ 349.1 billion to around $ 360. , 4 billion.

While the “Tezr” and “USD” currencies stabilized at the $ 1 level, their combined market value stabilized at the 79.47 and $ 53.62 billion levels, respectively.

The currency “BNB” has managed in the last few hours to make gains of 4%, against a weekly gain of 10%, trading today at $ 412. Its combined market value also rose to around $ 68.2 billion.

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