Curfew in Guinea … and today a fateful meeting of coup leaders

Special forces officers said Who took power in GuineaIn a statement released by national television, a meeting of government ministers of ousted President Alpha Conde and other senior officials will be held this Monday morning in the capital Conakry.

It was the special forces officers who took power in Guinea, They imposed a curfew in all over the country, and replaced the governors of the regions with military officers.

It comes hours later Guinean special forces officers announce the arrest of President Conde And control of the capital Conakry, as well as the “dissolution” of state institutions in a coup that could herald the end of his role as a veteran of African politics, which has become increasingly isolated.

Officials said a meeting of government ministers would be held in the capital, Conakry, and the group of officials added that “any refusal to participate would be considered a rebellion” against the council formed by the coup leaders to rule the country.

The group indicated that “the curfew begins nationwide from 20:00 until further notice,” but invited employees to come to work on Monday.
The officers urged “all (military) units inside to remain calm and avoid movement towards Conakry”.

Curfew in Guinea … and today a fateful meeting of coup leaders

By special forces in Guinea

They also said they wanted to “reassure the national and international community that the physical and moral integrity of the former president is not in danger. We have taken all steps to ensure that he has access to health care. “

No casualties were reported on Sunday during this coup operation, despite the heavy gunshots that were heard this morning in the capital of this country, used to violent political clashes. It seems that the end of more than 10 years of the Condé regime has sparked scenes of joy in various districts of the capital.

In a Sunday tweet, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres “firmly condemned” “any takeover by force of arms” in Guinea. He called for the “immediate release of President Alpha Conde”, explaining that he is closely monitoring the situation in this country.

From the images circulating on social network  of President Conde surrounded by soldiers

From the images circulating on social of President Conde surrounded by soldiers

The special forces commander, Lieutenant Colonel Mamadi Domboya, who was with the putschists, who wore military uniforms and carried weapons, said in a video directed to an AFP correspondent: “After the arrest of the president, who is currently in our hands, we decided to dissolve the current constitution and dissolve the institutions “. We also decided to dissolve the government and close the land and air borders.”

After denouncing “mismanagement”, he promised to launch “national consultations to start an inclusive and peaceful transition”, in an appeal to national television, which interrupted its regular programs.

The coup leaders aired a video of President Conde being arrested, as Conde, sitting on a sofa and wearing jeans and a shirt, refused to answer when asked if he had been mistreated.

“We control all of Conakry and are with all the defense and security forces to end the evil in Guinea,” Lieutenant Colonel Domboya, who was not so well known, told France-24 television.

On Sunday evening, Paris condemned the “attempt to take power by force” in Guinea, calling for the “immediate and unconditional release of President (Alpha) Conde”, according to a statement released by the French Foreign Ministry.

The statement states that Paris “joins the appeal of the Economic Community of West African States to condemn the attempt to seize power” on Sunday and “to demand a return to constitutional order”.

The US also condemned the events that took place Sunday in the Guinean capital, Conakry, and the US State Department said in a statement that violence and any extra-constitutional measures will only lead to a decline in the chances of pace, stability and prosperity of Guinea.

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