Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Release Date, Patch Notes, and Gameplay Improvements

Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 is expected to launch after 3pm BST UK time on September 21. According to the senior community manager for the game, update 2.0 will be released close to the end of an upcoming gameplay stream, which kicks off at 3pm BST.


Cyberpunk 2077 fans are counting down to the release of update 2.0 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The new Cyberpunk 2077 update has a September 21 release date on all platforms. Based on previous CD Projekt updates (as well as the release schedule for Phantom Liberty), update 2.0 could launch at midnight local time for fans living in the UK. While the upcoming Liberty Phantom DLC is a paid expansion, update 2.0 is available completely free of charge.

The New Update

The new update makes a whole host of gameplay improvements to Cyberpunk 2077, including improved vehicle combat and car chases, a new police system and a ton of UI and UX improvements.

That’s on top of a whole new set of perks, not to mention a redesigned skill tree. Players will be able to reset and reallocate attributes and perks in the build up to the new update.

CD Projekt Recommendations

Of course, developer CD Projekt has encouraged players to start a brand new playthrough to get the most out of update 2.0.

“Hey, chooms! While you’ll be able to continue the game with your current character on an existing save, we recommend starting a new game after Cyberpunk update 2.0,” CD Projekt tweets. “Due to the number of changes, starting fresh will enhance your overall gameplay experience!”

Likewise, CD Projekt warns PC users that the specifications for playing Cyberpunk 2077 will change once the update goes live.

You can see the new PC specs and Cyberpunk 2077 update 2.0 patch notes below…

Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Early Patch Notes

  • Redesigned skill trees and perks
  • Revamped cyberware and new capacity system
  • Vehicle combat and car chases
  • Combat AI improvements
  • New police system
  • UI and UX improvements
  • Loot, items and crafting changes
  • New radio stations, including community radio station Growl FM

Vehicle Combat and Car Chases

The first new option is shooting your pistols or SMGs either from the back of your motorcycle, straight through your car’s windshield, or out of its side window. In the case of cars with CrystalDome tech, you can instead open the sliding doors and shoot out that way. While on a bike, you can also now use melee weapons to attack enemies or even slice open the wheels of other cars.

The next option is using the brand-new mounted weapons available on certain nomad cars that utilize the CrystalDome tech. Those gatling guns will make Swiss cheese out of anyone standing in your way!

A more subtle approach to vehicle combat can be taken with the new car hacking abilities for netrunners. And by subtle, we mean you can straight-up explode other cars, make them slam the brakes, or accelerate without stopping! More options are available for the most skilled netrunners out there.

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