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Cybil Shepherd Talks Aging Gracefully


Cybil Shepherd is 70- years-old and is simply as beautiful as when she was called Miss Teenage America and after that covered Glamour publication in1970 Now, Cybil is speaking with Closer publication about aging gracefully. Still working, Cybil will appear in the upcoming motion picture Love Is Love Is Love where she plays the role of Nancy. Many individuals keep in mind Cybil for her lots of movies and tv acting functions. She was likewise the face of L’Oreal for several years where she would liquidate her commercials with “Because I’m Worth It.” A Few Of Cybil’s acting credits consist of the award- winning Cab driver, where she starred opposite Robert DeNiro and Moonlighting where she dealt with Bruce Willis. Her series Cybil was a big success and she was a routine cast member on the show The Customer List.

Closer talked to Cybil Shepherd and asked her a bit about her secrets to aging gracefully. Cybil Shepherd specified the following.

“It’s empowering to know what you’re worth. As you grow older, if you can enhance the way you naturally look and let your face show your history, you’re bringing something real to the surface. I do feel like I’m still worth it — more than ever before.”

Celeb makeup artist Josie Rodriguez did Cybil Shepherd’s makeup for Love Is Love Is Love and the appearance was perfect. This is a pro-aging generation and beauty is no longer simply for theyoung Many individuals now value a lady’s beauty well into midlife and beyond. A few of the most effective designs have actually now seen their professions extend into their sixties, seventies, eighties, and even nineties.

You might see numerous images of Cybil Shepherd in the picture slideshow below.

You might see a throwback picture of Cybil Shepherd below.

Here is another throwback picture of Cybil Shepherd.

What do you think of Cybil Shepherd’s views on aging gracefully? Do you concur that a lady’s worth is more than how she looks when she is young however is consisted of her life experiences and how she manages them?


Do you believe all women should practice self-care and preserve their beauty since they are worth it?

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