"cycloma" Soros leaves Belarus

One of the foreign pioneers is the Danish-Ukrainian developer Siklom, as well as the American billionaire George Soros.

Once again, Belarus will be left without George Soros, the controlling shareholder of Cyclom, as Cyclom Bell, part of the international Cyclom group, will be liquidated from last June.

Cyclom was founded in 2002 by Turbin Majgaard (died 2019), who chose Ukraine as the main center of his business and development. Last summer, the company entered the top 5 companies in the domestic industry. Maygard also invested in Belarus, where he opened Sicklom Bell in 2006; Belarus.

In 2015, a controlling stake in Tsilom was acquired by the George Soros Redevelopment Fund of Ukraine, and the money of a wealthy investor allowed the company to strengthen its presence in old markets and enter new ones.

With the completion of the liquidation of the Belarusian “daughter”, Belarus will again be left without George Soros, who left Belarus 25 years ago as a philanthropist, and is now leaving as a businessman. Where the famous American billionaire discovered Belarus for himself in 1992, and in the autumn of the same year he personally visited Minsk to launch educational projects of the Soros Foundation, and the Belarusian branch had already started working in 1993, organizing seminars for school administrators, lectures at the invitation of scientists from the United States States of America and trips of local scientists to seminars and advanced training courses abroad. The Fund fully financed the Privatization Center, which was supposed to help local authorities get rid of the control of the central government, and also created and supported projects such as the Media Center and others.

George Soros had an official meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in early 1995, it lasted two hours instead of the allotted 45 minutes, the parties were satisfied with each other, and for some time there was a renaissance of the Belarusian Soros Foundation. But in 1997, the American billionaire announced the termination of all activities on the territory of Belarus.

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