Entertainment Cyn Santana talks about her comments on black men...

Cyn Santana talks about her comments on black men who prefer Latin women: “I irresponsibly repeated what I heard”


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Phew Chili! You must absolutely pay attention to what you say here in these social media streets, because it will come back to haunt you! About five years ago, Cyn Santana joined Angela Yee for her “Lip Service” podcast. His comments on black men’s preferences have followed her since then.

At a recent meeting with the ladies of “The Real”, Cyn again commented on her remarks and even apologized to anyone she might have offended. If you remember, in the Cyn-Angela conversation, Cyn suggested that black men preferred to have relationships between Latin women and black women.

In fact, his exact words were: “Black guys treat us especially for Spanish girls. You know what, let me not even get into that. I did not mean that, but you know, black girls will take it personally. “

After receiving a lot of feedback for what she said, Cyn waved the white flag. She says that not only was she young, but that she did not speak out correctly to make her point. She also says that this period has been a very difficult part of her life.

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“I feel badly articulated and irresponsibly repeat something I heard in my teenage years,” she says. “And I think people have taken this message wrong, that’s not what I meant. And for that, I’m sorry.

Although Cyn said it was years ago, before she matured and had her son, some people just do not buy it! Many people give Cyn a flack and say that she said what she said, and she should stick to that.

Cyn, however, changed his mind. She says that she has only spoken about what she has experienced and asks everyone to forgive her for making such a general statement.

What are your thoughts, Roomies? Did Cyn say what she said or is everything forgiven? Let us know in the comments!

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