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Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Give More Details About Their Wedding Planning Process


After announcing herself as thirsty, Cynthia Bailey lastly got the proposition she desired from MikeHill The couple is now in the planning process for their wedding that is set to occur on 10/10/20

The 2 just recently talked to with Hollywood Life.

This will be Cynthia’s second marital relationship and Mike’s 3rd. The set have a lot in typical consisting of being the moms and dads of children and having family in Atlanta.

As far as the weddings go, they’ll be anything however conventional. Cynthia desires no bridesmaids while Mike does mean to have groomsman.

It will be a little event of 250 individuals max and Bailey states that she might show up in something basic– rather potentially dumping a bridal gown in general.

While she is making a great deal of the choices, Mike is a fundamental part of the process.

‘For example, he wants groomsmen. I don’ t desire bridesmaids. I’m not a conventional individual. This wedding, whatever about it’s going to be nontraditional. I do not understand what I’m going to use. I might use anything. I could use what I have on today, you understand what I’m stating? I simply type of do what I wish to do, whatever makes me delighted. We have actually got to figure out how we’re going to work out some of the logistical things for the wedding. I’m entirely great with not having bridesmaids and him having groomsmen. It does not actually matter to me,’ the supermodel described.

Mike chimed in to state: ‘I have a voice, but this doesn’ t imply the voice is heard or instructions followed. As long as she’s delighted, I’m delighted. That’s all that matters to me. Simply inform me when I’m expected to be there, where I’m expected to be, and I’ll be there for her.’


The most essential thing is that the couple enjoys their gladly ever after.

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