Cynthia Bailey snobe Nene is running away from her birthday – wish Tanya Sam a happy birthday instead!

Cynthia Bailey and Nene Leakes are not even on good enough terms to say happy birthday according to the last snob of the star of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The model wished another happy year to everyone except his former best friend.

Tanya Sam was introduced as a friend of Nene last season from RHOA. They had several things in common, including their love for fashion, the fact that they were both Sagittarius and that they were born the same day.

While sending out birthday greetings, Cynthia ignored Leakes and yelled at Sam and even an RHOA producer. This is more obscure than a blur in today’s social media climate.

Earlier this month, Glee’s alum claimed that if she was invited to the model’s wedding in 2020 – she would go.

In October, the owner of Bailey Lake claimed that she and Nene were on better terms than during the aired episodes.

She told Hollywood Life, “I’m happy to say that we are in a better place [now]. We are not in a great place. We are not in the perfect location, but we are in a much better position by the time we come to the end of the season [12]. “

Currently, viewers are still at the start of the new episode and the two don’t see each other at all. A scenario revolving around an alleged recording of Cynthia speaking ill of Nene was presented at the table and made the ladies speak.

This is just one of the many reasons the 52-year-old woman says Bailey has a “different side” to her that has not been shown on television.

Leakes told Entertainment Tonight, “I think a lot of people over the years have felt that I was the most aggressive in our relationship, or that she was following me or something, and it’s not the case. Cynthia definitely has a side to her that, for some reason, Bravo didn’t show that side of her. “


Do you think Cynthia and Nene can never go back to where they once were?

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