Entertainment Da Baby plays for his fans in Charlotte via...

Da Baby plays for his fans in Charlotte via FaceTime after his jet collapses on the way to the show


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Da Baby is really dedicated to his fans and on Thursday night, he showed his dedication after being forced to miss a show in his hometown of Charlotte.

He was traveling from New York to Charlotte, NC, to attend the Power 98 FM Winter Block Party at the Bojangle Coliseum. However, he could not participate in the show because his jet plane had encountered technical difficulties.

Nevertheless, that did not stop him from putting on a show for his fans. Thanks to the technology, he was able to explain to the public the unfortunate reason he could not get to the show. He also took the opportunity to perform some of his hits for his fans directly over the phone.

On his Instagram account, he also expressed his disappointment at not being able to perform in his hometown. He posted a photo in his story and said, “Maintenance problem on this weak jet **.” He then posted another video to show his fans that he was really sorry about the situation and that he was also upset.

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Check below:

Da Baby had an amazing year. He dropped not one, but two successful projects. In March, he abandoned his album “Baby on Baby”, then his album “Kirk” in September. Thanks to the success of these two albums, he has been selected for nominations in the categories Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for the 2020 Grammy Awards.

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