Da Baby says Charlotte police illegally searched and illegally arrested him

Da Baby is currently back in his hometown of Charlotte, NC. However, things did not end too well on Monday after his arrest by the police.

Earlier in the day, he updated his subscribers with the list of events he had planned for the day. He started his Monday by giving back to his community during his Christmas charity event. After the event, he made a program at the Bojangles Coliseum for the local radio station Power 98 FM.

If you remember, earlier this month, he must have missed his performance at the Winter Block Party station concert because his private plane broke down on his way to the show. At the time, he played for his fans via FaceTime. However, Monday evening, he returned to Charlotte to compose the show.

After the show, he was scheduled for an after-party / birthday party. However, it seems that things did not end as he had planned.

He briefly spoke to the police with the police and said, “** Dirty police try to take me to jail every time I have a show in town.”

A few hours later, he went to Instagram Live to show off the police service bracelet and started explaining to his supporters how the police allegedly illegally searched him, illegally arrested him, and unlawfully released him.

After his live, he posted images from his Instagram story showing what the police were doing while he was on stage, before they met.

Find out below:

We will continue to keep you posted throughout this story.

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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