Dabo Swinney Recovers Again After Paul Finebaum Called Coach Clemson A ‘Annoying Winner’

No one likes a winner. Especially Paul Finebaum.

Following on from Dabo Swinney’s viral posthumous Saturday, ESPN’s football analyst had a message for the Clemson football coach on Tuesday morning.

“I think Dabo Swinney is the most annoying winner in all of sports,” Finebaum said. “The guy just can’t keep his trap shut. Someone just gives the man a pacifier, sends him on the schedule and we’ll do it with him on December 28 when he finally plays a legitimate team during this college.”

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Later on Tuesday, Swinney addressed Finebaum’s comments.

“Finebaum is great at what it does,” Swinney told GreenvilleOnline. “It’s a great talk and a great drama. We’re the Red Sox. It’s the Yankees. You’re not going to have a Yankees guy to stand up and talk great things about the Red Sox. That’s not what he’s paid to do. The best lessons I’ve learned are that you don’t have to worry about criticizing people who won’t ask for advice. “

Clemson (12-0) defeated South Carolina, 38-3, on Saturday. After the game, Swinney was asked whether winning the Gamecocks really mattered for the team’s search for another national title.

The coach said the win was extremely important because the voters of College Football keep the Tigers at a different level.

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“It’s huge nationally, because obviously if we lose this game, they’ll kick us,” Swinney said of the college football playoff. “We don’t want to find ourselves anyway, we were down to 20, you know Georgia is losing to this same team and the next day is’ How do we keep Georgia in it? the team (North Carolina) that beat South Carolina and is, ‘How do we get Clemson out?’

“It’s the most vulgar thing, so it’s great, you know they can’t elect us, we have to go 30-0, we have no choice.”

Clemson faces Virginia on Saturday in the ACC Championship. It marks the Tigers’ fifth straight appearance in the conference title game.

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