"daily mail": Living organisms on our planet are threatened with mass extinction in the near future

The Daily Mail newspaper, citing Australian and European scientists, reported that the Earth is threatened with mass extinction of living organisms due to climate change and overexploitation of the planet’s natural resources.

Experts have created a model of the Earth with more than 15,000 food chains and found that under the worst-case scenario, up to 10% of all animal and plant species will disappear by 2050.

The researchers explained that by 2100, due to global warming and human activity, up to 27 percent will disappear, and the average scenario assumes a loss of 13 percent of biodiversity by the end of the century.

The newspaper pointed out that, in the opinion of the researchers, the previous methods for assessing these processes were erroneous, because they did not take into account the joint extinction that occurs due to the interdependence of some species on others.

Co-extinction will increase the overall extinction rate of endangered species by 184% by the end of the century.

The participants in the study concluded that the new results show that the damage caused by climate change and the exploitation of natural resources will be much greater than previously thought.

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