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Daily newspaper says Kyle Rittenhouse shot three black people

The Independent, a leading british newspaper, caused indignation when he stated in a subtitle that Kyle Rittenhouse “shot three” black men. ” All three men shot by Rittenhouse were, in fact, White.

Shortly after a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin found Rittenhouse is not guilty of murder, attempted murder and reckless danger, The Independent updated its first page live coverage of the process with the subtitle: “Business suit story: Teenager who shot three black men with rifle found not guilty on all accusations ».

The line was false, as was Rittenhouse on process for three white shot men, during a “Black Lives Matter” protest that turned in a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin last August. Rittenhouse shot and killed convicted child rapist Joseph Rosenbaum and criminal Anthony Huber, both of who attacked him first. He shot and wounded Gaige Grosskreuz, after Grosskreutz pointed a gun at him, and the jury on Friday found that the teenager took action in himself-defense in all three cases.

While the subtitle was taken down shortly after, an filed version you can still log in.

The Rittenhouse trial was a media show, and during the three weeks of testimonies, arguments and deliberations, the commentators who watched the trial often hammered the mainstream media for paint a different version of events from story in reality playing out in Court. Judge Bruce Schroeder also took the media to the task from bench on numerous occasions, calling coverage of the process “scary” And “Grossly irresponsible”.

The Independent wasn’t the only newspaper to make a mistake in relation to race of the three men who were shot. The Straits Times of Singapore described the victims as black, first issue a fix and apologizing for the error. a Dutchman news place, NU.nl, also described them as “black Americans “, before editing out their race entirely.

Such coverage apparently he drew in some readers deceive. In one tweet went viral earlier this week, reporter Glenn Greenwald discovered a tweet from a liberal commentator who said that despite being “highly educated and reasonably perceptive”, he learned only a week before the verdict that “Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims were white.”

“My progressive bubble made this looks like like a very different case from what it is, “ she added.

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