Dame Dash talks about her old business relationship with Jay Z – “The way he made me dirty”

#Roommates, it’s been almost 15 years that former friends and business partners Dame Dash and Jay Z have separated completely. Since that time, Dame has spoken on several occasions about what he thinks about the way things went – and in a recent interview, he broke it down again.

Dame Dash was a recent guest on the popular Los Angeles syndicated radio show with Big Boy on 92.3. There, the discussion naturally led to Jay Z after Dame briefly discussed his career so far and the other collaborators he met along the way. Halfway through, he dives deep into Jay, with whom he co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records before they broke down over ten years ago.

Here’s what Lady had to say about the old relationship:

“We have fundamental differences. I want to make other people famous, rich and equal, that’s what I wanted with Roc-A-Fella. And he wanted to be the boss and have people work for him for 25 years straight, that’s what happened. In fact, I feel sorry for my fallen angels because I have taught people to share. […] I make kings, I don’t make slaves.

I don’t want to talk about Jay Z. You know why it’s not fair? Because he doesn’t talk about it. He continued, “Anyway, I feel like it stole from me. Period. And no matter what, I will always feel that. If I hit someone with work and they run away, I forgive them. I don’t mind, but if you ask me about this person, I think, “No, he ran away.” “

He didn’t stop there and had even more to say about his former homeboy:

“The way he made me dirty was the way he made Biggs dirty. He went [and] said to LA Reid, “I want Roc-A-Fella, I don’t want Lady and Biggs to come down …” And we said to ourselves, “Shit, left.” When I got conversations, yes I want to look like a boss, I can’t look like a boss around him. I thought it was dirty. Did he make the Roc with it? It was dirty. When he said he wouldn’t be part of it while I was selling it, devalued it and then, you know, I walked away from it because I had to go do my own thing. And then all of a sudden, are they going to make a big deal like that? It was dirty. “

Welp and you have it.

Roommates, what do you think?

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