“Dammam airports” to the Arabs: King Fahd airport investments could reach 500 million riyals

On the sidelines of the Dubai Airshow, Fahd Al-Harbi, CEO of Dammam Airports Company, confirmed in an interview with Al-Arabiya that the volume of investments in King Fahd airport could reach 500 million riyals in the next period.

He explained that King Fahd Airport is over 35 years old, and is an architectural masterpiece, but obsolescence means that investments exceed this number.

He stated that Dammam Airports Company is an operator of three airports in the Kingdom in the eastern sector, namely King Fahd Airport, Al-Ahsa Airport and Qaisumah Airport in Hafr Al-Batin, adding that the idea of setting up the company and assigning the operation of the airports to it is to increase operational efficiency and better study investments in future.

He pointed out that King Fahd Airport is located on a vast area estimated in over 700 square kilometers, which will be invested guaranteeing investment opportunities in hotels, resorts, services, cargo villages, warehouses and other logistics areas.

He said: “We have more than 13 international and local investors in the cargo villages of King Fahd Airport.”

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