Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons woman gifts Aja engagement ring after a tumultuous few years – Read her frank letter

Imagine Dragons leader Dan Reynolds just surprised his wife, Aja Volkman, with an engagement ring this Christmas! The meaningful piece of jewelry was received after more than a year and a half of them almost separating!

After the two tumultuous years of their relationship that almost ended, the couple took the time to “really see each other” and it definitely seems that they have reached a new understanding of what their marriage means to each other. other.

Before filing for divorce last year, they were married in 2011.

In April 2018, they almost completely separated to be reconciled in November of the same year.

Seeing how Dan surprises Aja with such a beautiful engagement ring at Christmas, it is safe to say that they are much better now.

She was obviously touched, going to social media to post a photo of the gift and write a long message next to it.

She wrote in part, “I have never caused so much harm or been injured by another human in my life. It took us a long time to really see each other. We were not at all reckless. In fact, we were so careful that we didn’t do what we had to do. We did not listen to who we were. We loved each other at the expense of everything. “


She then admitted that “we don’t know each other well enough to maintain strength from within. And everything started to fall apart. I told him we should start over. He accepted. Tonight we put our kids to bed and started cleaning up the mess of the day. I could see he was nervous but I didn’t know why. He got on his knees and before he could open his mouth, I started to cry. Loaded tears that have held nearly 10 years of growth. The answer has always been yes. “

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