Dan Walker left speechless as BBC colleagues' controversial remarks 'mess with his head'

A speechless Dan Walker, 43, couldn’t get over his colleagues Louise Minchin, 52, and Carol Kirkwood’s, 58, “strange” revelations about how they prefer their sausage sandwiches. After discussing the morning’s news, the BBC Breakfast host had a light-hearted question for them but wasn’t impressed with either answer.

What’s wrong with your bog standard ketchup?!

Dan Walker

“I’ve got another really important question to ask you this morning,” he smiled as Louise looked intrigued.

“Sausage sandwich – red sauce or brown sauce?”

Louise didn’t need to deliberate, replying straight away: “Neither. Marmalade!”

Dan’s eyes widened as he looked at the camera in utter shock.

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Dan Walker left speechless as BBC colleagues' controversial remarks 'mess with his head'

Dan Walker horrified as Louise Minchin and Carol Kirkwood ‘mess with his head’ (Image: BBC)

Speechless, his colleague began to laugh as she said: “That’s really messed with your head, hasn’t it!”

Unable to fathom a response, Dan just stuttered: “…What? You’re a maverick!”

He reeled off a story about his grandfather, who also shared Louise’s marmalade obsession but opted to have his with a bacon butty.

The recollection caused the dad-of-three to have another moment where he was lost for words before he stated: “You’re breaking culinary boundaries this morning!”

It was time to go to Carol for the weather, but not before Dan got her opinion on choice of breakfast sauce.

Dan couldn't believe his eyes what Louise had said

Dan couldn’t believe what Louise had said (Image: BBC)

Carol didn't impress with her own variant of the sausage sandwich

Carol didn’t impress with her own variation of the sausage sandwich (Image: BBC)

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“Marmalade with sausages, Carol?” he asked hoping for a better reply than Louise’s.

Alas, he was left disappointed once again.

“I tried that I preferred mustard!” the forecaster admitted.

Dan turned around exasperated: “What’s wrong with your bog standard ketchup?!”

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“You coming in with your posh food ways, you lot!”

It became clear Dan still wasn’t over his two colleague’s admissions, taking to Twitter to complain about it some more.

After the popular Accidental Partridge account shared the clip on the social media site, the BBC star provided a well known quote from the comedy series.

For those who don’t know, Accidental Partridge is a comedy character portrayed by actor Steve Coogan, and @AccidentalP on Twitter selects and shares the most Alan Partridge-sounding posts online, and it seemed Dan, Louise and Carol’s discussion about sausage sandwiches had made it.

“‘Wonder who got the power pack… ha… ha…haha…ha…ha…news’ #GoalAndAnother,” Dan echoed a scene from the show where Partridge is in the radio studio chatting to a guest.

Back to the issue at hand, he continued to whine: “Set Carol up perfectly to deliver the ‘sausage and beans’ line and she went down the mustard road,” and it seemed fans agreed.

One replied: “What an odd combination, both Louise and Carol!! Brown sauce all the way.”

Another commented: “Two questions, why and how?”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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