Dani Alves: Barcelona are not interested in the people who made the history of the club

BERLIN: Veteran Brazilian defender Danny Alves confirmed that Barcelona “do not care about the people who have made the history of the club”after the termination of his contract with the club Catalan last month. Alves, 39, returned to Camp Nou last November and participated in 17 games after officially signing up in January, but his short-term contract has not been renewed. Alves spent eight years in Barcelona during his first stint as a pro and won 23 titles in the most successful era in football history. club Catalan. During his first stint as a pro, Alves created 377 opportunities for his teammates in Barcelona, ​​a number surpassed by just five players, including Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Alves told the British newspaper “The Guardian” today, Monday, “I did not leave when I was sad, I left and I am happy to be back in Barcelona. I dreamed for five years that I had this moment yet. ” “The only thing I didn’t like is the way in which I left … Since I arrived I have made it clear that I am no longer twenty and that I want things to go clearly without hiding anything “, he added.” But this club made a mistake in recent years, Barcelona does not care about the people who made the history of the club”, noted.” As a Barcelona fan, I want the club do things in different way, I’m not talking about myself because my situation was different, “he continued.” I am completely grateful to Xavi and the president of the club for bringing me back, I found the club full of young people and fantastic ideas on the pitch, “he added. He concluded by saying:” But there is a need to improve things off the pitch, the mentality is completely opposite to what we built a few years ago. ” DBA)