Dania of Saudi Arabia wins the T3 Desert Bahar Rally World Cup

Saudi driver, Dania Aqeel, won the World Cup for the T3 Desert Baja Rally after finishing fourth in Baja Italy, the eighth round of the championship, and before the end of the championship of a round.

The Saudi driver, who participates in the championship for the first time, has managed to displace 17 international drivers at the top of the category, after having snatched the position at her first participation in the Eastern Baja, the third round, to consolidate his in head winning in Baja Jordan, while he was absent from the fifth round in Spain, and back in the sixth roundThe championship to get second place in Hungary, before reaching third place in Poland, which represents the seventh round.

The competitor scored 103 points in her first world participation, overtaking a number of illustrious names from Russia, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Portugal.

For her part, the Saudi driver, Dania Aqeel, confirmed that this milestone is registered in the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, expressing her sincere thanks to the Ministry of Sport, the Saudi Federation of Cars and Motorcycles and the sponsoring companies for the unlimited support to achieve this, praising the level of competition in round past, noting that this has given her enough experience to participate in the Dakar Rally, indicated that she will do her best to prepare in optimal way for the global event.

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