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Danni Menzies – A Place in the Sun presenter was ‘dying inside’ during her first shows for Channel 4


A Place In The Sun presenter Danni Menzies, 32, opened up about her mental health struggles when she first started presenting the Channel 4 favorite property show in 2016. The former model revealed that she felt like she was “dying inside” after suffering from anxiety during filming, but has since overcome her battles to finally “enjoy” presenting in the sunshine.

For my first three shows I was dying inside

Danni Menzies

Prior to landing her presenting gig on the property show, Danni used to model professionally and said that her battle with mental health problems started snowballing ahead of her APITS appearance.

The star said that when she was booked for modeling jobs she would always “lie” about whether she “had been affected by depression or anything else to do with your mental health”.

Danni said that when she started on the Channel 4 show, she pretended that her mental health struggles hadn’t happened.

However, she went on to reveal that anxiety affected her so much, it manifested itself in physical symptoms.

Danni Menzies has opened up about her mental health during the filming of A Place In The Sun (Image: INSTAGRAM)

Danni Menzies says that she felt like she was ‘dying’ during the first three shows (Image: INSTAGRAM)

“For my first three shows I was dying inside”, she said.

Dannie continued: “I was sick, I was sweating, I had all the physical symptoms of being unwell but it just was anxiety.”

The presenter went on to reveal that over time her anxiety lessened to the point where she can now “have fun with it and enjoy” filming the show.

“But it definitely took me a little while to be able to feel like that,” she stated.

Danni Menzies says she has since overcome her struggles and now ‘enjoys’ filming (Image: INSTAGRAM)

Danni Menzies is back on screens for the new series of APITS on Channel 4 (Image: INSTAGRAM)

Speaking to Entertainment Daily about her mental health battle on and off-screen, Danni revealed that she initially kept her struggles under wraps when she started her Channel 4 role.

The star said that she feared speaking about her problem would only make it bigger.

She said: “For me if everyone started talking about it and pandering to it then it would just let me get worse.

“So I was quite happy to keep it to myself,” Danni admitted.

However, after going to lunch with the show’s bosses, the star ended up revealing her mental health problems and credits them with being “really supportive”.

She said: “Ever since I told them, they have always checked in on me and have been extremely supportive.

“On that front they’ve been amazing since they’ve known,” Danni added.

Elsewhere, Danni recently spoke to Express.co.uk about the effect that constantly traveling for the show has on her personal life.

Danni began: “I’ve tried relationships over the years, and it’s very difficult when you start dating someone and then you go, ‘Oh by the way I’m just off for three weeks.’

“So I won’t lie about that, it’s been very difficult for me to nail that part of my life,” she added.

“But I am working on it,” the star confirmed.

A new series of A Place In the Sun continues on weekdays on Channel 4 at 3 pm.

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