Dante Fowler says his Jaguars were unjustly fined $ 700K for lost 2018 treatments: “They literally gave me money,”

NFL players’ associations won an arbitration complaint against the Jaguars on Monday after accusing the organization of fining its players for failing to receive treatment at a team facility – a mandate not permitted under the current NFL collective agreement.

A detail contained in the NFLPA statement stated that an unidentified player was fined more than $ 700,000 for failing to attend appointments and was “just one of many complaints” filed against the team.

Former Jacksonville banker Dante Fowler, now a member of the Rams, took to Twitter later to claim that he was the player in question and is pushing the Jaguars over how they treated him.

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“They literally talked to me,” Fowler wrote. “I got it all back though!”

Fowler was transferred to the hostages in October 2018. He has recorded 25 sacks and forced five souvenirs in his five years in the league.

In a statement to its members, the NFLPA described the extent of Jacksonville’s discipline for players.

“In the last two years, 25% of complaints filed by players throughout the league have been filed against the Jaguars,” the NFLPA wrote. “You as a player might want to consider it when you have the opportunity to choose your next club.”

The NFLPA won a dietary complaint against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Said Jags has tried to get players to get all offseason medical care in a team setting, which goes against the CBA. “You as a player may want to consider it when you have the opportunity to choose your next club.” Pic.twitter.com/S1eyqqw8cg

– Dan Graziano (@DanGrazianoESPN) December 16, 2019

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