Darfur crisis. Establishment of a joint force of signatories to the Juba Agreement

Political Secretary of the Movement for Justice and Equality, Suleiman Sandal, confirmed the creation of a joint special-purpose force of 2,000 members in North Darfur, including all signatories to the pace by Juba.

Sandal, who is the alternate head of the Joint Higher Military Committee on Security Agreements for the agreement pace of Juba, felt in Al Arabiya / Al Hadath that the formed force is a real start for the implementation of the security agreement clause.

He also added that another joint force of 4,000 will be formed from the two sites to join the joint special forces forces.

Furthermore, Sandal stressed the existence of a great cooperation of the armed forces and other forces in the implementation of the security agreements, stressing that the point about the security agreements is important and that it is not possible to transform in political parties without implementing it.

North Darfur saw widespread looting of warehouses belonging to United Nations organizations last December 2021, leading to the imposition of a curfew, and these operations came after the departure of the joint maintenance forces. pace between the United Nations and the African Union (UNAMID), which was guarding the headquarters of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations, prior to its withdrawal from Darfur in December last year (2020) following the expiry of the mandate given to it by the Security Council.

Juba Agreement

Interestingly, the Sudanese government and a number of armed movements signed an agreement in October 2020 to resolve decades of conflict in Darfur, southern Kordofan and southern Blue Nile, which have led to the displacement of millions of people and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Among the armed groups that have signed the Juba Agreement, the presence of the Sudan Liberation Army, the Arko Minawi wing, the Movement for Justice and Equality, and the People’s Movement, the Malik Agar wing, along with other factions.

Contract’s terms

The agreement included conditions for the integration of the armed movements into the Sudanese security forces. It also includes the allocation of a fund to support the southern and western regions.

The agreement of pace di Juba also addresses the issue of land ownership, wealth sharing, power and the return of displaced persons, based on a federal system that includes 8 Sudanese regions.

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