Dauntless Update 1.93 – Patch Notes on October 13, 2022

A new update has been released for Dauntless Update 1.93. You can find all the Game Update details, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Dauntless Update 1.93 is now available for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


A Krolachi warrior has been exiled to Hades Reach. Help him complete his Wild Hunt and reclaim his honour. However, be wary of the Krolachi Seer, the leader of the exile’s former clan. She may have other plans!

Slayers can only access this adventure once they’ve unlocked the Reforge node on the Slayer’s Path. Each of the island adventures is intended to give Slayers new ways to uncover stories about the Shattered Isles, while boosting weapon experience at key moments in progression.



  • Dark Harvest begins October 13 and ends November 3.
  • Seek out Unseen Gifts hidden in new spots all over Ramsgate.
  • Earn useful rewards via a series of new Unseen quests.
  • Obtain popular limited-time Dark Harvest goods from the store.
  • Win exclusive Dark Harvest prizes through community events.
More info on Dark Harvest can be read here.


The Shattered Isles are not for the faint of heart. It’s difficult to build a life while battling both Behemoths and the natural elements. But the Krolachi, like some ancient cultures, have found a way to live within the dangers of the world — as part of it.

Unlock the Krolachi Flame cosmetic Hunt Pass to earn a set of armour and weapon skins fit for a warrior of Krolach. Dig into the Ancient Tribes cosmetic Hunt Pass to earn a set of Primal gear skins.


The Elemental Fury season brings new weekly challenges, story quests, and Reward Cache items for Slayers to earn. Collect Elemental coins to unlock two complete sets of tactical armour and an array of sleek weapon skins, previously available in the Rogue Elements Hunt Pass.

Kat’s investigation into the growing imbalance of the aetheric spectrum continues with haste. Arkan Drew believes that using the Portal Driver to save the citizens of Ramsgate may have had some unintended consequences.



Starting in patch 1.11.3, titles have become more prominently displayed, along with their rarity. We’ve adjusted a number of titles to better signal their rarity and your achievement.

  • Upgraded The Dauntless rarity from rare to legendary.
  • Upgraded Ramsguard Commander rarity from epic to legendary.
  • Upgraded Local Hero rarity from epic to legendary.
  • Upgraded Quillwright rarity from epic to legendary.
  • Upgraded Vault Hero rarity from epic to legendary.
  • Upgraded Master Slayer rarity from common to legendary.
  • Upgraded Crimson Cavalier rarity from common to legendary.
  • Upgraded Behemoth’s Bane rarity from common to epic.
  • Upgraded Hero rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded Sword Champion rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded Chain Blades Champion rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded Axe Champion rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded Repeaters Champion rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded Hammer Champion rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded Strikers Champion rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded War Pike Champion rarity from rare to epic.
  • Upgraded Battle-Forged rarity from common to rare.
  • Upgraded Crimson Blade rarity from common to rare.
  • Upgraded Gift of Nikola rarity from common to rare.
  • Upgraded Frosty rarity from common to rare.
  • Upgraded Arcslayer rarity from common to rare.
  • Upgraded Outlaw rarity from common to rare.
  • Upgraded Legend of the Phoenix rarity from common to rare.
  • Upgraded Seasoned Hunter rarity from common to uncommon.
  • Upgraded The True Steel rarity from common to uncommon.
  • Upgraded The Sworn Axe rarity from common to uncommon.
  • Upgraded The Beast Breaker rarity from common to uncommon.
  • Upgraded The Spear of Destiny rarity from common to uncommon.
  • Upgraded Raging Demon rarity from common to uncommon.
  • Upgraded The Gunslinger rarity from common to uncommon.
  • Upgraded The Chained Fury rarity from common to uncommon.



  • Improved the camera during the Chronovore’s temporal mastication sync attack to give Slayers better visibility.


  • Fenroars now create VFX as a tell before their rock jump attack.
  • Improved physics for Fenroars’ petal frills.



  • Escalations of every level now always spawn encounters from the correct list of possible encounters for each level.
  • Strega’s Harvester now properly double drops. Granny gets distracted sometimes.


  • Completing escalation patrols now counts toward completing the objective in The Apex Predator.


  • Bounties no longer reset when a new season starts.


  • Koshai, Fenroar, and Skarn gear are now providing the expected elemental power and resistance.


  • The Shining Maul hammer skin now displays the correct texture, even with ammunition fully charged.
  • The Determination leg skins no longer clip with some leg sizes.


  • Fenroars’ back legs now animate properly during their underground shark attack.


  • The Serrated Blades chain blades mod node in the Slayer’s Path now displays the correct mod description.
  • All hairstyles now display the correct icon.
  • All journal entries now display the correct lore.
  • Weapon effect text now fits in the crafting UI when translated into other languages.
  • There is no longer an empty hair style in the character customization.

Source: Play Dauntless