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David Geffen Buys $30 Million Painting After Selling Home To Jeff Bezos


David Geffen just recently offered a Beverly Hills estate to the Amazon CEO and creator, Jeff Bezos, for a tremendous $165 million. Page 6 was the first to report on the substantial cost of the music market juggernaut’s Beverly Hills home.

While it’s uncertain just how much David Geffen actually won, something is clear: David has an interest in investing a few of that money on other art pieces. Bloomberg reported that David Geffen was in fact the buyer of the painting, “The Splash,” from David Hockney.

David supposedly paid a tremendous $30 million for the painting while at Sotheby’s in London. As soon as in the past however offered it in 1985, Geffen has in fact owned the painting currently. When it was offered for $5.4 million, the last time it was on the market was.

The painting features a California pool in addition to a diving board in addition to sprinkling water extending out of a swimming pool. In addition, Geffen’s home in fact exceeded in the city of Los Angeles, making the record for the most pricey property system offered in the city.

Supposedly, Geffen dropped $475 million on the home back in1990 It’s David Geffen if anyone can pay for a home for that cost tag. David established Asylum Records back in 1971 together with Eliot Roberts, in addition to Geffen Records in 1980.

He later on produced DGC Records 10 years later on. DreamWorks SKG was likewise his development in1994 Instead of work 24/ 7 and continue to gather money, the music market juggernaut has actually contributed considerable money as part of his charities also, consisting of David Geffen School of Medication at UCLA.

Surprisingly, David Geffen in fact lied about being a college graduate at the University of California at Los Angeles when he first began his profession in the 1960 s. David needed to validate he was a college graduate when he began operating at William Morris Firm, however never ever in fact went to the school.


After he obstructed of a letter from UCLA to WMA, David modified it so that it looked like if he participated in and likewise finished from the school.

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