“Davos in the desert” … 5 years of anticipating the future of investments in the world

Today, Tuesday, the Saudi capital, Riyadh, will witness the activities of the fifth edition of the Future Investment Initiative entitled “Investing in Humanity “, with the participation of a group of decision global maker and CEO.

Al-Arabiya’s delegate at the event, Nasser al-Tibi, said the fifth edition of the Future Investment Initiative offers an opportunity to review what has been done over the past five years.

In 2017, when the first version of the Future Investment Initiative was launched, a big announcement was made for the city of “NEOM”, which is the city of the future and is in construction. In addition to announcing the strategy and objectives of the Saudi Public Investment Fund to increase assets under management.

As for 2018, the event has transformed in a platform for the signing of agreements and memoranda of understanding worth over 60 billion dollars, focusing on the energy field under the aegis of the Saudi oil giant “Aramco”.

In 2019, the initiative was included among the three largest gatherings of entrepreneurs and bankers in the world, and was nicknamed “Davos in the desert”.

Due to the Corona pandemic and the changes it has imposed in light of precautionary measures, the event was postponed in 2020 to take place at the beginning of quest’year in January, with limited personal participation and, despite the circumstances, the event was anticipated by default with a number of international cities such as Hong Kong, New York and London.

The delegate of “Al Arabiya” stressed that the edition of questyear is expected to see new announcements about the updates of the “NEOM” project, five years after its launch.

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