Davutoglu criticizes the steps of Erdogan and his ally to lower the electoral threshold

Former Turkish Prime Minister and head of the opposition’s Future Party, Ahmet Davutoglu, criticized the People’s Alliance’s decision to reduce electoral threshold at 7 per cent instead of the current rate in force.

The current electoral law stipulates that parties participating in parliamentary elections must obtain a minimum of 10 percent of the votes to enter in parliament, but the draft amendments should be prepared by the People’s Alliance composed of the Party for Justice and Development led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ally, the Nationalist Movement Party led by Devlet Bahçeli, proposed to reduce the percentage to the 7%.

Although the reduction of this percentage will benefit several opposition parties, opponents point out that Erdogan wants, by lowering the electoral threshold, to make sure that his coalition partner (the Nationalist Movement Party) gets the percentage necessary to enter. in parliament in light of indications of the decline in the popularity of the alliance among Turkish voters.

Commenting on leaks posted by several media local people on lowering the electoral threshold, Ahmet Davutoglu said in his speech on Tuesday: “The bill is implemented in engineering way to prevent someone from entering in Parliament, the 10% threshold was previously set to prevent HDP. Even the Welfare Party cannot enter in Parliament.

Davutoglu added: “The minimum does not make sense to us, we are sure that we will get higher grades, but they will be under the influence of political engineering, whoever does political engineering, this does not reduce our strength and the margin of negotiation. we have in any political equation. “.

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