Davutoglu: People are paying the price for die Settlement within Erdogan’s party

Former Turkish Prime Minister and chairman of the opposition Future Party, Ahmet Davutoglu, criticized the economic approach of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government and die government economic decisions.

Davutoglu criticized Erdogan at a meeting with economists in Istanbul on Monday with the words: “Try to get out of the controlling mood, die comes up with a new example every day, making it impossible for you to make healthy choices. State administration demands “Appreciation of common sense, smart and calm action, and decision-making.” If you try to change the head of the central bank every four months just because you are not listening, much less listening die $ 128 billion, die Her son in The law has sold out, if we have a lot of reserves, it won’t be enough for you. “

He also commented die Consequences of the disputes within the ruling party for Justice and Development, saying: “While yourself die World economy recovers, break die Markets records with positive developments. Our 84 million citizens must die costs for die Pay settlement within the party die The initial cost of the March 22nd crisis for the country has reached TL 525 billion, there is also an additional annual interest charge of TL 150 billion. “

A crisis of lack of respect for the law

The chairman of the Future Party pointed out that die Crisis was not just an economic one, but rather a crisis of lack of respect for laws and institutions, adding: “The presidential system, which has been in power for 33 months, has exhausted three heads of the central bank and now tries the fourth.

Davutoglu made die People’s Alliance (die Alliance for Justice and Development with the Nationalist Movement Party) responsible for all economic and social crises, adding: “The culprit of all these experiences is die People’s Alliance. The crisis we face is not just an economic crisis, a large-scale organized crisis, die feel like cancer in every aspect of life spreads. This crisis has spread to everything from mental aberration to deterioration in social worth, from institutional corruption to bureaucratic merits, and from politics detached from reality to practices, die Far removed from political ethics can only be overcome through a comprehensive systematic renewal. “

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